New Movies 2017: Review Of Gender Role-Reversal Comedy ‘Second Nature,’ Plus Exclusive Clip [Opinion]

Soon to be released in theaters, DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD is one of the funniest independent movies of 2017, Second Nature. If you’re looking for cute movies for date night, then Second Nature is for you. Starring Collette Wolfe (Interstellar) and Sam Huntington (Sully), this marks the feature-length debut for director Michael Cross (who co-wrote the film alongside J.C. Ford and Edi Zanidache).

The Plot

Amanda Maxwell (Wolfe) is running for mayor, in the town of Louisburg, against a womanizer, Bret Johnson (Huntington). The small town is largely old fashioned when it comes to women and their societal roles. The two candidates inadvertently use a magic mirror to reverse the gender roles in their town, and Amanda suddenly has the upper hand in the mayoral race. As the duo experiences life from their new perspectives, they have to decide which reality they prefer.

A Charming Duo

This is the type of film to watch when you’re in the mood for a charming story, with adult humor, that delivers a feel-good experience. If you just watched a heavy film, or had a stressful day, then Second Nature should come as a breath of fresh air. And while the film has a light-and-breezy feel to it, the message is very timely considering today’s political environment.

Second Nature is one of the funniest new movies 2017
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Some of the jokes and dialogue are a bit too on the nose, as it would have been nice to have some more subtleties, but most of the humor hits the mark thanks to solid performances from the leads. The pair have good on-screen chemistry, providing several laugh-out-loud moments, and Collette Wolfe gives a standout performance as Amanda. If you enjoy movies that tackle gender issues like A League of Their Own, or fanciful movies like Vice Versa, then you should enjoy Second Nature.

Second Nature is one of the funniest new movies 2017
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Trailer And Exclusive Clip

Second Nature debuts theatrically on September 8, 2017, and plays at the Catalina Film Festival from September 27-October 1. The film will become available on DVD, Blu-ray, and a variety of VOD platforms on September 19.


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With a delightful performance from Collette Wolfe, solid writing, and an endearing story, Second Nature is one of the funniest independent movies of 2017.

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