Michio Kaku Introduces Free Online Berkeley Course: The Science Of Happiness [Opinion]

Michio Kaku’s alma-mater The University of California at Berkeley is offering a free online course called The Science of Happiness. There are no prerequisites for the happiness course offered by Berkeley, and everyone is welcome to register.

Michio Kaku explained a bit about the free University of California at Berkeley course in the video below. So far 450,000 students have registered. Space is not limited, but don’t wait, classes begin September 4, 2017. Register now at the Greater Good Science Center.

The University of California at Berkeley ushered in the “groundbreaking science of positive psychology” a few years ago. The first Berkeley Happiness class was held in 2014 with amazing results. Now, the University of California at Berkeley has decided to offer the course free online, according to Greater Good Magazine.

As Michio Kaku explains in the video below, happiness is perhaps the most important aspect of life.

“Happiness is what drives most people. When people are unhappy, they do strange things. They commit suicide, they commit crimes, they get divorced, they ruin their families and their future when they are unhappy.”

Michio Kaku is introducing the world to the scientific study of happiness at the University of California at Berkeley. Berkeley is teaching the topic from a totally different angle. Rather than the usual clinical study of unhappiness, why not study happiness? Happiness is now a cutting edge science at Berkeley, and why shouldn’t it be?

Michio Kaku explains The Science of Happiness, as taught at Berkeley, beginning at the 18-minute mark in the video below. It seems simple, but it’s revolutionary to think of happiness in this way.

Even Michio Kaku, a gifted speaker, had trouble describing happiness without speaking as much or more about unhappiness. Isn’t that always the way human beings approach things? There could be a great deal of merit in the Science of Happiness as presented by The University of California at Berkeley rather than the pathology of depression. Still, it seems odd for Michio Kaku to talk about studying happiness as a science.

Michio Kaku explained several discoveries made by the University of California at Berkeley. What makes people happy? It seems a combination of inborn and environmental factors come into play, according to Michio Kaku.

Study happiness free online at the University of California at Berkeley

The University of California at Berkeley has discovered that human beings have a predisposed set point for their level of happiness. It is inborn and some scientists believe it to be genetic. While each person has a spectrum of happy emotions, Michio Kaku explains some individuals are just naturally happier than others regardless of the circumstances.

Michio Kaku goes on to explain, within each individual’s spectrum, happiness is relative. Happiness levels are related to the perception of one’s own situation compared with the perception of other people’s situations. Michio Kaku explains this theory of happiness.

“According to this one theory, we oscillate around a setpoint. According to this theory, all of us have a happiness set point that’s set perhaps maybe sometime after birth, and we oscillate around that on the basis of our relative place in society.”

Happiness in families and human interaction

Michio Kaku explains a little, but there is a whole course for free online. Everyone is invited to learn more about happiness and how to have more of it. The University of California at Berkeley promises students will learn how to increase their own level of happiness.


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Michio Kaku and the University of California at Berkeley invite you to not only learn the Science of Happiness but also learn how to be happy.

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