Melania Trump Wears Nosebleed Heels Again To Texas: A Beautiful Soul Clicks Across Tarmac To Plane [Opinion]

As Fox News suggested on Saturday, let’s get it over with before the Melania Trump hoopla begins again. Yes, she had stiletto heels on when boarding Air Force One with President Trump as they make a second trip to the Texas flood area today. Besides her footwear, which doesn’t mean a thing to most people who are suffering such a great loss in Texas, Melania is bringing hope to the people in the water ravaged area. New areas in Texas are evacuated today as the flood water is still rising, so people don’t care about Melania Trump’s footwear. What they do care about is that she is there offering support.

When Melania Trump wore those high heels boarding Air Force One for her first Texas trip with President Trump she was lambasted. Some nasty news comments suggested that the Trump family couldn’t even get their type of footwear correct when responding to such an event. That rather disturbing buzz got a cork put in it when Melania stepped onto Texas ground in sneakers, which she changed into during her flight. Since she had to have those sneakers with her, or they were placed on Air Force One before hand, the media couldn’t say they shamed her into a change of shoes.

ABC News reported today that this trip will be a bit different for Donald and Melania Trump. They didn’t meet with the flood victims during their first trip because they wanted the focus to stay on the rescue of people still stranded in the Texas flood. Today’s trip will have Donald and Melania meeting with displaced flood victims and their rescuers, to hear their stories and offer support. The tweet below is from Saturday morning as they made their way to the helicopter on the White House lawn which will taxi the President and First Lady to Air Force One for their trip to Texas.


Melania looked just as dressed up today as she did the first time she boarded Air Force One this week to tour Texas with her husband. That only lasted until she emerged on the ground in Texas donning comfortable walking clothes, a cap, and wearing sneakers. It really doesn’t matter what she has on when emerging from Air Force One today. What does matter is that she is there with the people suffering in Texas. Melania is seen during her first trip this week below.


The press had a field day with Melania’s mode of dress this week as she was leaving to tour Texas with the President. It seems that not too many realized she thought ahead and had clothes onboard Air Force One. Her stash of clothes was conducive for her plans that day. Fox News had something to say over the media honing in on Melania’s shoes last week. They stress that “over 17,000 Texans began their day on Tuesday in shelters, completely water-logged and heartbroken … but let’s focus on Donald Trump’s wife’s feet.”


The reprimands and jokes that focused on Melania Trump’s shoes earlier this week were rather ironic. This woman didn’t have to go to Texas and meet with the victims, even once, but Melania will be there twice in one week. The people writing about her shoes were sitting in a cubical at work, or even at home in their pajamas as Melania made her way to Texas this week, and yet they still took the liberty of verbally ripping apart her footwear.

Donald Trump could have gone on this Texas venture alone, as he is the elected president. Melania wanted to go, she didn’t have to. So for all of you sitting in the wings looking at her footwear today and getting ready to bounce again, just remember there is a beautiful soul walking in that pair of nosebleed heels.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]