Did MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Ride Trump’s Coattails To Latest Conquest? [Opinion]

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has broken away from the pack of news anchors to climb to the top of the “most watched program on cable news for August.” How did she do it? According to Politcus USA, it seems Donald Trump and his antics have given Maddow nightly storylines and people are tuning in to hear her version of Trump’s behavior.

Calling Sean Hannity “the Trump mouthpiece for propaganda,” the Politicus USA site reports that the Fox News anchor came in second behind Maddow for the month of August. He was followed by another Fox News favorite, Tucker Carlson, who was in third place.

MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show was the most watched program on cable news for August and also the “most watched show on all of basic cable.” This “means that more people are watching Maddow than are watching sports and entertainment on basic cable,” suggests Politcus USA.

According to TV Newser, Maddow came in first in August with her news program and was one of the most-watched shows across all of the basic cable stations.

“Not only is Maddow No. 1 this month, but she posted significant year-over-year audience growth in total viewers (+73 percent) and among adults 25-54 (+72 percent),” writes TV Newser.

MSNBC is in a “neck to neck” race with Fox News for the coveted number one title in cable news. Fox News is a network with a name that is synonymous with the top channel for cable news. Politicus USA calls Maddow someone who has given viewers, “deep fact based reporting and storytelling.”

While Maddox has many fans, or at least people who tune in to watch her, some would disagree with her “reporting” and hedge toward Maddox’s “storytelling” as the reason she has caught the nation’s eye. Do you remember back in March when she unleashed the tweet below saying “We’ve got Trump’s Tax Returns?”

Her fans, as well as many anti-Maddox folks, tuned in with bated breath to see what she had on Trump. As The Fox Insider reported in March, This “big reveal” had Twitter exploding in anticipation. Maddox has not made a secret of her dislike for Donald Trump, so people surmised a scandal was about to unfold with what she had.

Maddox herself amped up the crowds with her shouting from the Twitter rooftops that she had Trump’s tax returns, as in plural. She had one, just one, from 2005 and there wasn’t anything in that return that caused an eyebrow to raise or a jaw to drop. People were peeved over her promise of a big reveal.

Maddox addressed all the backlash by saying people expected too much. Just because she said she had the tax returns didn’t mean that she had “damning information.” Maddox continues to get the anti-Trump crowd to tune into her show for her nightly “storytelling” about Trump.


This isn’t the first time someone who made Trump a frequent topic of their news reporting was pushed to the top of their game. Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News personality, had her time of verbal sparring with Trump and it appears this might have been what put her on top, so much so that she was offered an amazing contract to stay at Fox. Instead, she went to NBC, but she had many other news channels out there wooing her at the time.

Kelly is no longer making Trump a topic, and her ratings have taken a nose dive at NBC News. Many suggest it was her sparring with Trump that made her a national celeb.

As the Sun Sentinal reported in June, Kelly didn’t become a household name until her “aggressive questioning of Trump” at a Republican debate. When she joined NBC she was expected to rise to “Barbara Walters”-like fame. But that didn’t happen.

A game show rerun beat her in the ratings on her new Sunday night NBC show this summer, which is what the Huffington Post reported back in June. Now with Maddow flying high with her topics on Trump, could this be another Megyn Kelly flight of fame. Could Maddow keep that rating if she didn’t have Trump laced into her dialog during her shows? Did Donald Trump put another news personality on top?

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