Ric Flair Miracle: Nature Boy Beat The Odds With Only A ’20 Percent Chance’ Of Survival [Opinion]

Ric Flair has come through a lot and may not be “100 percent out of the woods yet,” but the WWE legend is reportedly talking and laughing on the phone with friends now and chatting with the nurses. Some are saying his recovery is “a miracle.”

Nature Boy Ric Flair’s many friends and WWE fans responded powerfully to prayer requests made on his behalf. Some fans were even offering to donate a kidney if Ric needed it. CEO of Legacy Talent Melinda Morris Zanoni was quoted in the Washington Post.

“On behalf of Ric THANK YOU for all the outpouring of prayers and well wishes (although the offers for a kidney seemed a little excessive) :) The man outlived both a plane crash and being struck by lightening [sic]…he is a survivor. Beyond grateful for all the love and respect sent Ric’s way.”

WWE legend Ric Flair, now 68 years old, is loved by all. The Nature Boy as he likes to be called is iconic. Wrestling fans adore him, and in his home city of Charlotte NC, he is looked upon with admiration. The Nature Boy is awe-inspiring in person. Even just physically Flair has a massive chest, and his biceps look even bigger in real life.

But Ric Flair is larger than life in more ways than one. The Nature Boy has a big personality and an even bigger heart in that powerfully massive chest. Flair is likable, fun, and does his part to keep his life and the WWE interesting.

Ric Flair’s fans love him, and they had plenty of reason to be concerned about their favorite WWE wrestler according to Jerry Lawler, who was quoted on Uproxx.

“Apparently it was really a touch and go situation, they explained to him [Ricky Steamboat], and when the Nature Boy had that first surgery, the doctors said that Ric had a 20% chance of survival of making it through that surgery. But we all know that he did pull through. And I heard yesterday, he’s already cutting promos on nurses.”

Nature Boy Ric Flair was in real trouble medically speaking when he went into surgery Monday, August 14. Wendy Barlow, Flair’s fiancee, explained Ric underwent surgery and there were “multiple organ problems.” Reports Flair had colon surgery are incorrect, she said.

Nature Boy Ric Flair of the WWE
Nature Boy Ric Flair of the WWE [Image by Casey Rodgers/Invision/APImages]

Ric’s fiancee, Wendy, urged WWE fans not to “believe everything you read,” according to the Washington Post. There were some false reports when there was no official word on the nature of Ric’s sudden hospitalization. There have been few details in this understandably private matter.

It is clear though that Ric Flair’s life was at serious risk. The Nature Boy’s fans and friends have been asked to continue to pray for a full recovery, but the Nature Boy is reportedly feeling better.

Ric Flair was fighting death on that surgery table with the odds against him. Still, as any WWE fan knows, a bet against The Nature Boy isn’t wise, no matter what the odds, even when it comes to fighting death itself. As Melinda Morris Zanoni said, The Nature Boy has walked away from a plane crash, survived a lightning strike, and as Flair’s fellow WWE wrestlers well know, Flair has taken many a pounding in the ring and come back tougher for it later in the match.


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Stone Cold Austin told TMZ that, meaning no disrespect, “Ric Flair is tougher than a cockroach.” Stone Cold Austin knows from experience and observation that Flair can take a beating, still get up after a two count, and go on to win the fight. The Nature Boy is always amazing in that way.

Ric Flair WWE's Nature Boy
Ric Flair WWE's Nature Boy by S Bukley Shutterstock

Triple H commented on that aspect of Ric Flair according to Wrestling Inc. Calling The Nature Boy’s recovery a “miracle,” Triple H says “if anyone can kick out of this 2.5 it’ll be Flair.”

Ric Flair “isn’t 100 percent out of the woods,” according to Triple H, but Triple H went on to say he would guarantee fans have not seen the last of Ric’s confident Nature Boy strut.

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