Michio Kaku, Elon Musk, And Bill Nye Say Goodbye Big Oil: Energy Is Free From Sun, Wind, And Sea [Opinion]

Michio Kaku, Elon Musk, and Bill Nye agree; mankind need not be slaves to oil much longer. Could fossil fuels be about to go the way of the dinosaur?

Elon Musk is leading the way. Elon Musk’s Tesla Corporation is making enormous leaps forward in coupling solar and wind technology with lithium ion batteries for massive energy storage.

Bill Nye is excited, in the video below, because Elon Musk’s giant sized lithium ion batteries would make it possible to provide all the energy necessary to power America, and the whole world for that matter, using only renewable energy.

Michio Kaku says in the video below, it is possible to create a tremendous amount of energy with ordinary salt water and a cold fusion reactor. Fusion is nuclear energy but “without the radiation” explained Michio Kaku. It produces “no nuclear waste to speak of,” and it “cannot melt down.”

While Michio Kaku is jazzed about fusion, he acknowledges the technology is still at least a decade away from efficiency. Wind and solar are advanced enough to do the job now, thanks to Elon Musk’s lithium ion batteries.

Michio Kaku says Elon Musk’s new battery is “a game changer.” In the past, solar and wind were too variable and unreliable to use because the battery technology was insufficient to store enough power during the day to use at night or to store enough when the wind was blowing to make up for when it was not.

Bill Nye says in the video the United States could meet all the needs of their electrical grid with the wind from its Atlantic coast. Most importantly, Nye says, it could be done almost immediately. The technology is there.

“The big unexploited renewable resource on the east coast of the United States and Canada and Mexico is wind. So I encourage you, I am not a member of this but I encourage everybody to check out the Solutions project. A bunch of civil engineers who have done an analysis that you could power the United States. You could power most of the world renewably if you decided to do it, right now.”

Michio Kaku reveals the future of energy in the video below.

Elon Musk is ready and has already outfitted the island of Hawaii with a solar powered system that meets Hawaii’s needs with solar energy according to this video.

Michio Kaku reminisced about the famous bet between Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

“About 100 years ago Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had a bet. Would Gasoline or the battery power the future. We all know that Henry Ford won the bet, but Edison may have the last laugh. Energy efficiency is now making the battery competitive with fossil fuel technology.”

Bill Nye says there is “enough wind and solar resources” when combined with “a little bit of tidal and some geothermal, to power the world. Bill Nye is talking about The Solution Project.

solar panels on a new housing project
Solar panels on a new housing project [Image by GLF Media Shutterstock]

The Solution Project has a proposal for each state, saying that with a combination of the ten different forms of renewable energy, all America’s energy needs could be met. These ten forms of energy fall in four categories, sun, wind, water and geothermal.

Residential roof photovoltaic system
Community and government roof photovoltaic system
Solar photovoltaic plant
Concentrated Solar Plant

Wind Offshore
Wind Onshore

Wave device
Tidal Turbine



Bill Nye and Michio Kaku are in agreement. Elon Musk’s lithium ion battery makes renewable energy completely doable, right now.

Michio Kaku points out Elon Musk’s batteries are becoming more affordable at a rate of about 7 percent per year. This makes the expansion of alternative energy increasingly affordable.

Michio Kaku World Science Festival
Michio Kaku World Science Festival by Evan Agostini AP

According to Michio Kaku Europe is currently developing a cold fusion reactor, but sadly the cost of development has been over 10 billion dollars so far. Express calls it “one of the most complex machines ever designed.”

Renewable energy is doable. Elon Musk has made it possible. It’s just a matter of when the United States will decide to move forward, according to Bill Nye. Why isn’t that decision being made? Michio Kaku says it is America’s love for oil, coupled with the fact fuel is cheaper in America than Europe.

Still, America is moving in that direction, just a little slower than about eight other nations. Will the battery win out over big oil, even in the United States?


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Michio Kaku and Bill Nye agree Elon Musk’s Tesla ion battery, coupled with the four forces of nature is the way of the future.

[Image by Vince Bucci/Invision/AP Images and Scott Olson/Getty Images]