Corinne Olympios The Next ‘Bachelorette’? Season 21 Villain Lets Major Hint Slip [Opinion]

Will Corinne Olympios be the next Bachelorette? That’s the question fans are asking after the Season 21 Bachelor villainess let slip a major hint this week.

As the Hollywood Gossip reports, the 24-year-old Miami businesswoman was recently being interviewed when her actions appeared to reveal that something big is in the works. A reporter from the Insider asked her if she’d consider returning to the Bachelor franchise, and instead of answering directly, she looked to a person behind the interviewer and asked, “Am I allowed to answer this?”

Of course, Corinne is, well, kind of dim, and she could have just been stalling for time or something. But Hollywood Gossip writer Simon Delott thinks there might be more to it. She may have been looking at a producer, lawyer, handler, or someone else associated with the Bachelor franchise, and making sure she didn’t reveal that she’s already signed a deal.

“Generally speaking, you don’t ask if you’re allowed to do anything unless you’re at least in talks to do something, whether it’s to get a book published or, say, star on a reality series in which multiple men compete to win your heart.”

And, according to Delott, putting Corinne front and center on an upcoming installation of The Bachelorette makes perfect sense!

“Imagine how many ridiculous gifs we’d get from that season.”

Delott makes a good point: Corinne is such a magnet for ridicule and controversy that the publicity basically writes itself. For example:

  • She made a name for herself by playing the simpleton on her original appearance on The Bachelor, what with her fondness for naps and cucumbers, being an adult with a nanny (and bringing her to production), and, of course, her platinum “vagine.”
  • She and DeMario Jackson had a few too many adult beverages and then got handsy with each other on the set of Bachelor in Paradise, leading to allegations of sexual assault and shutting down BiP production for a while.

Put simply, Corinne brings name recognition and a sort of “OMG what will she do next” vibe to the table, making her seem an easy choice for an upcoming season of The Bachelorette.

Those are the pros, but of course, there are cons.

Most importantly, she’s a nightmare for Warner Brothers’ legal department. The next time she does something untoward and possibly illegal, will Bachelorette production be shut down?

There’s also the likability factor. Corinne is “likable,” in the sense that a blind, three-legged dog is “likable.” You feel sorry for her more than anything else. Corinne doesn’t inspire people to root for her the way JoJo Fletcher or Rachel Lindsay did. Instead, viewers mostly watch her to see what outrageous thing she says or does next.

Do you think Corinne Olympios would be a good choice for a Bachelorette? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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