Dogs Left To Die In Texas Hurricane Flood Waters Are Rescued: Arrests Promised If Dogs Found Chained [Opinion]

The horrors that the people in Texas are enduring today are unimaginable, with their homes and businesses underwater and everything they’ve worked for all their lives is gone in one afternoon. While what is going on in Texas is heartbreaking, what is going on with some pets is also disturbing to many today. Reports of the pets left behind to fend for themselves are making headlines.

According to Fox & Friends on Monday morning, folks from the agency Austin Pets Alive are already at work scooping up the pets forgotten by their owners in the flood waters. As of Monday morning, they’ve already rescued hundreds of pets.

Circumstances may have been dire for some, leaving them no option but to leave a dog or a cat behind, but this is a scenario that many animal lovers can’t fathom. How can a situation ever come to a point where you leave your pet to die? There are many folks who wouldn’t leave unless their dog or cat went with them.

Chief Stephen Carlisle watched a dog die that was chained up during flooding last year. He made a promise to arrest anyone who leaves a dog chained-up during future floods. The dog was too far away to get to across a dangerous current to save it during the event last year.

According to the Independent, he said, “I promise you that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog.”

The sight of the dog barking and barking until it was silenced by the rising water hasn’t faded.

According to Fox News Insider, a lot of folks weren’t prepared for this, and their focus was saving their own lives and the lives of their family members. For many animal lovers, their pets are their family, and leaving them behind wouldn’t be an option. However, there are some legitimate reasons for these seemingly abandoned pets today.

“The people in Houston especially weren’t really prepared for this,” Austin Pets Alive Executive Director Dr. Ellen Jefferson explained to Fox & Friends. “I think it caught a lot of people unaware, and they’re just trying to save their own lives.”

Some people couldn’t make it home through the flood waters to get their pets, which is what some have expressed on the news. They were stuck with no way to get to them. While floods were forecast, many didn’t realize the magnitude of these floods. People are sitting in neck-high water in places that don’t traditionally see flooding, so they did very little in the way of getting prepared for the high water.

Fox News has interviewed quite a few parents who said if they knew the magnitude of the flood that was coming, they would have been long gone with their kids. Many believed hunkering down in their home for a few days as flood waters receded around them was the way to go. They had no idea their homes would be underwater.

People interviewed by Fox News in live shots this morning coming out of Houston and surrounding areas said that they did not expect to be sitting in the water today. Now they are in dire need to be rescued themselves. Along with the clips of dogs and cats being rescued, there are plenty of images of people being evacuated with their pets by their sides, so it is not as if animal lovers are sparse today.

Still, there were others who left their pets tied up outside without any thought to their survival. Even if for some unknown reason someone had to leave their dog behind, the best thing to do was to set it free. The dog would at least have a chance for survival instead of being tied to one spot as the flood waters were rising. People across social media were furious that dogs, cats, and other animals were left behind. They were also furious at the people who captured these pictures but did nothing to help these animals.

Fox and Friends also discussed a few of the viral pet pictures coming out of Hurricane Harvey floods. One picture went viral of a dog tied to a tree in the flood, which was discussed in an earlier Inquisitr article. But as one of the commenters wrote after seeing that picture, if you are close enough to take a picture of that animal, take the time to rescue it. If you don’t, you are just as inhumane as the people who left the dog behind.

As both Twitter posts that are seen above and below indicate, the outpouring of concern came from around the nation. People followed these photos across social media, where these pictures have been tweeted and retweeted over and over again. Many were furious that the person taking this picture didn’t help the poor dog. At the very least they could have untied the poor pup, but many agree that rescuing the animal would have been the most humane thing to do.

Another picture that went viral, which was discussed on yet another earlier Inquisitr article, is the dog that was spotted walking out of the flood waters and carrying its own bag of dog food. At least these dog owners didn’t tie it up, which would have left the dot with no option but to wait for the flood waters to swallow it. Still, it is a sad sight to see, as it appears that someone loved the dog enough to buy it food, but not enough to take it with them when they fled the area.

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