‘Dragon Ball Super:’ Everyone Should Really Take A Step Back And Just Enjoy The Tournament Of Power [Opinion]

Goku of 'Dragon Ball Super' is illustrated showing what is rumored to be his latest, most powerful form.

Dragon Ball Super is well into the Tournament of Power, and every week the anime brings something new. So far, it has been one enjoyable and undoubtedly unforgettable ride, and it’s being enjoyed by a lot of viewers and fans. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the Dragon Ball fanbase has stubbornly refused to acknowledge any merit from the anime. Citing power level discrepancies, recycled animation, and inconsistent plot points, many of these fans have made it a point to complain about DBS every week.

It is quite unfortunate, really. Since the Universe Survival Arc began, the anime has been all about providing as much content and quality as it can to its massive fanbase. The premise of the Tournament of Power alone, with its battle royale style and its all-or-nothing concept, is something that has never been done in 30 years of Dragon Ball history. Sadly, all of these are neglected by numerous viewers every week, simply because the anime is not pandering to their personal preferences.

This has been especially evident during the past few episodes of the anime. Every week, in online forums such as Reddit, several fans and viewers would always make it a point to nitpick on the anime. Complaints range from various aspects of the show, from its plot to its animation and its overall logic.

The thing is, this is Dragon Ball Super; the successor of the campy, cheesy anime we all grew up with in the ’90s. If any, DBS is, in essence, the millennials’ equivalent of the first two canonical series. Thus, it is bound to have the same amount of corn and cheese as its predecessors. It is simply the way the franchise has always been.

Dragon Ball is a fun franchise, with out of this world battles and angry warriors changing the world with their pride and pureness of heart. It was never designed to be as thought-provoking as, say, the first season of Psycho-Pass, or Monster. It is a show that is primarily designed to entertain, and so far, it is doing a great job at this in the Tournament of Power.

The ToP has been an enjoyable ride so far. Since it officially began, it was rife with scenes that are shocking, amazing, and even downright heartwrenching. Compared to the pace and the plot of the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime, Dragon Ball Super is actually a lot more fast-paced and a bit more mature, with very real consequences and very high stakes (let’s never forget the Future Trunks saga, which ended with what could only be the grimmest note in DB history).

Dragon Ball Super has a lot to offer. The anime, if any, is proving that it is pouring out all its resources in ensuring that the Tournament of Power is animated in a fine, seamless manner. It is so easy to nitpick and turn a blind eye to Dragon Ball Super’s merits, but those that choose to do so are missing out on what could only be the franchise’s best saga to date.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]