Audrey Roloff Seems To Be Humbling Down, But Is Her Change Of Heart A Little Too Late? [Opinion]

It is no secret that Audrey Roloff is arguably the most outspoken member of the Roloff family. Married to Jeremy Roloff, Audrey has been quite vocal about her views on religion, marriage, family, and love as a whole. As the Little People, Big World star approaches her due date, however, Audrey seems to be adopting a more and more humble stance. Unfortunately for the reality TV star, it seems like her change of attitude might be a bit too late for LPBW fans, and probably her in-laws too.

Since marrying Jeremy Roloff, Audrey has made it a point to ensure that her voice is heard. Utilizing her personal blog, her social media pages, and Beating 50 Percent, Audrey has emerged as one of the youngest voices in the marriage and relationship advice field. Despite her lack of experience and her conservative beliefs, Audrey never hesitated to express her thoughts on various topics. At one point, the reality TV star even gave bedroom advice for couples, sharing some intimate details about her life with Jeremy Roloff in the process.

The reaction to Audrey Roloff’s advice and teachings about marriage have been mixed at best. Many lauded the young lady for sharing her experiences and insights on married life and love in general, while others felt that she was overreaching due to her gross inexperience. Her staunchest critics took it a step further, stating that Audrey was vocalizing her thoughts so much simply because she desperately wants attention.

Recently, however, Audrey’s internet activity has shown a notable shift in tone. Instead of giving direct marriage or love advice to her social media followers, she began asking her fans for parenting tips and other forms of help. Her most recent social media updates are reflective of this change, as proven by her latest posts on her personal Instagram page and in Beating 50 Percent.

With this in mind, it seems like Audrey is shifting to a more toned-down, more level-headed version of herself. While the Audrey Roloff of the past couple years would directly tell her social media followers what they are doing wrong in their respective relationships, present day Audrey seems mature enough to know that there are several things that she does not understand yet. Overall, Audrey’s shift on social media is refreshing, and it all but proves that the reality TV star is still growing into her own person.

Unfortunately for Audrey, her activities on social media have already disenchanted a lot of LPBW fans. Over the past few weeks, critics have been pouncing on Audrey over her enterprising nature, her tendency to post pregnancy photos showing a lot of skin, and of course, her extroverted, outspoken nature.

The issues surrounding Audrey do not seem confined to the Little People, Big World fanbase, too. Just a day ago, many of the reality TV series’ fans noticed that practically every other member of the Roloff family went out of state, despite Audrey being due anytime this week. Roloff matriarch Amy ended up receiving a lot of flak over her departure, especially since she announced that she was heading off on a cross-country motorcycle road trip with her current boyfriend, Chris Marek.

It is easy to see why LPBW fans might be turned off by Audrey Roloff. While her intentions are always great, the reality TV star does tend to act almost like she knows significantly more than her social media followers. Her opinions are pretty strong too, as shown by her evident disdain at Amy Roloff finding love beyond her marriage.

Despite these, however, it is difficult not to feel at least a bit sorry for Audrey right now. Her social media posts are being torn apart by critics, and she is practically alone with her husband at this crucial time. Baby girl Roloff is coming any day, and unless the entire family flies back to Roloff Farms as soon as possible, there is a very real chance that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s first daughter would end up entering the world with just her mother and father by her side.

What do you think about Audrey Roloff’s latest change of tone on her social media pages? Is the reality TV star humbling down, or are her recent posts just an effect of her pregnancy? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]