If Mayweather Is KO’d By The Irishman, It Can Be Viewed For Free — Save The $100 Bucks? [Opinion]

If, or probably when, Conor McGregor knocks out Floyd Mayweather tonight, it is going to cost you somewhere around $100 in pay-per-view fees to see it, but you can actually save that money with this good idea floating around online. Why pay for the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight when you can actually see it for free? After listening to reason, you may agree.

First of all, this is probably the most mismatched fight that ever came down the pike. After you hear Deadspin describe the players in this match, you may agree. They suggest that you have a “faded, formerly great champion and a younger brawler with limited skills” facing off in the ring tonight.

The website also suggests that instead of watching a “real fight” on TV tonight, what you are going to see is “a glorified staring match between a middle-aged, retired, three-time ex-con and a semi-sentient growth protruding out of an oversized gorilla tattoo.” You have to admit, this sounds like it could be the case when you consider the two opponents.

Floyd Mayweather is aging and Conor McGregor is like a barrel full of dynamite ready to explode. He has a power that radiates to his limbs, making him one mass of tight muscle with the ability to sprint around the ring. He can really sting with his punches at the speed and bounce back time of a ping-pong ball, which could leave Mayweather standing with only visions of his old glory days dancing in his head.

The stats below are a quick visual of this match and it looks more like a reality TV challenge than it does the “fight of the century,” which seems to be the catchphrase for this fight.


It is not as if McGregor doesn’t know his own power and it’s not as if he doesn’t know that his opponent has been spending his nights leading up to this fight plopped down on a bar stole at his strip club. Mayweather vowed to spend every night leading up to this fight at Girl Collection Gentlemen’s Club, and from the reports today, he only missed last night, the eve before the big bout, according to USA Today.

Getting back to McGregor, who is 29 and facing a 40-year-old opponent. This “staring” match that Deadspin suggests might very well be the way things go down. If the reports on the amount of training going into this fight are any indication about things to come, it looks like McGregor wins hands down. But will McGregor realize Mayweather is at somewhat of a disadvantage and opt to do more staring than sparring? There is such a thing as respecting your elders.


The Irishman is an MMA fighter at heart and he’s honed in on making his entire body a tool of war when it comes to a fight. While the boxing rules will be followed in the ring tonight, that strength McGregor is packing elsewhere will just re-route to the punch. Those fabulous kicks of yesteryear’s fights will transform into such a speed on his feet that if Mayweather blinks, he won’t see the Irishman change position.

Either way, Deadspin sees this as a very odd event, so odd it really shouldn’t be called a fight. So why spend that $100 just to watch what Deadspin calls a “freak show”? They suggest that if a knockout does occur, it is only going to take a minute before that clip is all over the news. So you will only be a minute behind viewing a knockout if one does occur. They also remind their viewers that if it is the movements of the so-called fight that you want to see, it is aired for absolutely free next weekend.

[Featured Image by John Locher/AP Images]