Happy National Dog Day — Here’s How To Celebrate The Dogs We Love And Those In Need [Opinion]

August 26 is National Dog Day and it’s a great time to show love and affection to man’s best friend. Though National Dog Day is a time to cherish our pets, the observance serves a greater purpose. According to Colleen Paige, the founder of National Dog Day, the holiday was created to draw attention to the many dogs who are awaiting adoption. You can find more information about National Dog Day, its founder Colleen Paige, and the holiday’s origins at the official NDD website.

Many celebrities promote National Dog Day and help create awareness for the needs of owners for rescue dogs. It’s common to find celebrities tweeting or sharing photos of themselves with their dogs on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #nationaldogday.

Paige is the child of actors Robert Paige and Joanne Ludden, but is best known for being an animal behaviorist and originator of several animal-based holidays. In addition to National Dog Day, Paige is the creator of National Wildlife Day, National Pet Day, National Puppy Day, and National Cat Day.

Those who don’t own a pet dog may want to check out pet adoption on National Dog Day. It is recommended to adopt dogs that are in need of forever homes as opposed to buying puppies or dogs from breeders and puppy mills. There are countless adoptable dogs that are waiting for a family or special person to love them and welcome them in their homes. One of the best ways to celebrate National Dog Day is by adopting a dog in need.

Another great way to celebrate National Dog Day is to get in touch with your local rescue shelter. Find out what they need and help the organization in the best way that fits your schedule and lifestyle. Maybe you could donate items or volunteer your time. Remember that money is always needed and appreciated and sometimes the best way to contribute is through monetary donations.

If you have kill shelters in your local area, you may want to use National Dog Day as a platform to voice your complaints. You may start a letter campaign to community leaders or even stage a protest to create awareness and draw attention to the issue. Whether it is kill shelters or puppy mills, National Dog Day is an excellent opportunity for those who want to create awareness and raise support for dog-related issues.

How will you celebrate National Dog Day?


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