‘The Inheritance’ Starring Thomas Gibson: The Sweet Nostalgia Of A Beautiful Love Story [Video] [Opinion]

The Inheritance with Thomas Gibson, Tom Conti, Carli Shayne, and Brigitta Dau is a period drama based on the first novel of Louisa May Alcott. Alcott is more famous for her well-known classic Little Women. The Inheritance is a perfect romantic fantasy set in a far more elegant time. For those growing tired of the 21st century, this is like a visual and mental vacation to a bygone era.

Thomas Gibson’s incredibly handsome character James Percy is enough to make a fan fall in love with Thomas all over again, in another place and time. Silver Petticoat Reviews describes Thomas’ character.

“His James Percy is as noble, kind and protective as the best romantic heroes you’re likely to meet, whether on page or screen.”

Thomas Gibson made a great many films as a prolific actor with a film career spanning more than three decades. Some of Thomas’ made for TV films are rather hard or completely impossible to find, so it is rare to see one of this quality, made in 1997 no less, that is still readily accessible.

The Inheritance featuring the incredibly handsome Thomas Gibson as James Percy is an obscure find as well as a nostalgic delight. Fortunately, The Inheritance with Thomas Gibson can be seen below for the reader’s enjoyment. It’s also available on Amazon in CD format for those that want to own it.

Seeing Thomas Gibson’s romantic side is well worth the time. The film is a full immersion into the mid-19th century and set in a place called Northumberland. The setting is gorgeous with beautiful homes, elegant clothing, fine horses, and a lovely traditional take on life.

Imagine meeting Thomas Gibson at the village blacksmith’s shop, because his horse had thrown a shoe. Edith, portrayed by Cari Shayne, is so excited she returns home to joyously play the piano. Edith is not on the phone, bragging to her friends squealing like a fan girl because phones had not been invented yet. Yes, it’s hard to imagine.

Thomas Gibson starred in the Inheritance
Thomas Gibson from the Inheritance [Image by Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Thomas Gibson’s role in The Inheritance is quite a contrast to Hotch on Criminal Minds. In fact, this role is fairly unique in Gibson’s vast filmography list on IMDb. Gibson’s Juilliard education is allowed to shine in the best way, as the popular culture completely disappears in this timeless classic. Silver Petticoat Review comments on the contrast between Hotch and James Percy.

“It’s particularly fun to see Thomas Gibson in this role, especially if you watch him in the current police drama he stars in (Criminal Minds), considering the vastly different role he plays. In this world, you’ll see him step into a Knightley or Mr. Thornton type role (yes, I’m going there and comparing), who is most definitely worth taking a second look at.”

Thomas Gibson is always worth a second look, but never more so than as James Percy in The Inheritance. Thomas Gibson is incredibly handsome in this epic period costume film. His role as James Percy is hauntingly romantic in a world of elegance, charm, and proper horseback riding.

Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds [Image by J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images]

See Thomas Gibson in a world your mind craves to live in. One viewing of The Inheritance with an incredibly handsome Thomas Gibson will never be enough as Silver Petticoat Review explains.

“Once you’ve seen it, you’re certain to feel a sense of nostalgia anytime you think of it. If you’re anything like me, one viewing won’t satisfy. Repeat showings will become the norm.”


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Thomas Gibson is a perfect romantic hero as James Percy in The Inheritance.

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