‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 Spoilers: Best Performances From Live Shows Week 2 [Opinion]

We had Week 2 of the quarterfinals on America’s Got Talent 2017 tonight, as America was ready to vote on their favorite acts. Heading into the night, we had a lot of anticipation for these performances on AGT 2017, as the 12 acts performing were some pretty strong contenders. Did they live up to the hype? Check out the best performances from Week 2 below in my America’s Got Talent 2017 spoilers.

This was the second week of live shows on America’s Got Talent Season 12 and we had four Golden Buzzer acts in the mix, so it was going to be a good night, right? Not really, as the night was underwhelming and disappointing. To add to it, there were technical difficulties during two of the performances, so NBC needs to get their act together.

Looking past the technical difficulties, the performances were not as strong as they should be. I mean, these acts are performing for a spot in the semifinals on AGT 2017. They should be bringing their best performances and not disappoint. America was voting on them, so they need to earn those votes. It seemed like they did not care and it was just mass chaos most of the night. With that being said, here are my picks for the Top 5 performances on the night!


5 – Celine Tam

What is up with so many young singers on America’s Got Talent 2017? I realize she is only 9 years old, but I feel like this was not one of her better performances of the season. With that being said, she was still better than most on the night and gets the fifth spot.

4 – Merrick Hanna

Speaking of young kids, we now have 11-year-old dancer Merrick Hanna on the list. I do like this kid and think he is a good dancer and tells a very good story with his performances. However, do you really think he could fill an arena for a show in Las Vegas? I do not believe so, but give him a full stage of dancers and it might be more appealing.

3 – Mandy Harvey

One of the most anticipated performances of the night on America’s Got Talent 2017 tonight had to be Mandy Harvey, Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act. She is deaf, but is going up there and singing like an angel. I enjoy the sound of her voice and the tone. She sang an original song tonight, which she wrote for her cousin’s wedding. The lyrics are there and it is a nice song, but I was not blown away by this one tonight.

2 – Johnny Manuel

Some may argue that Johnny Manuel oversings the song. Sure, he has a big and powerful voice, but he is using it all to hit some of the notes. It can be screaming to some people, but to me, it makes me think he is feeling all of those lyrics while singing. He has an amazing voice and should definitely be safe tomorrow night on AGT 2017.

1 – Light Balance

The only thing that disappointed me about Light Balance tonight on AGT Season 12 was the fact that they had technical difficulties and could not perform this live. They are an amazing dance crew and they put on quite a show, even if it was a video shown from their dress rehearsal earlier in the day. The guys look disappointed that they did not perform live, but I think they will get that chance in the semifinals with how good they are.


Who were your favorite acts tonight on America’s Got Talent 2017?

[Featured Image by NBC]