A Pink Super Bowl Halftime Show Would Shame Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce, And Madonna [Opinion]

Pink is being considered for Halftime Show

Pink is back, and the music industry is better off for it. She has far more talent than many other so-called female entertainers that have emerged in the new millennium. As Billboard notes, she’ll be back with her first album in five years, and it will be called Beautiful Trauma. The first single, “What About Us,” has already climbed to No. 29 on Billboard‘s Hot 100.

There are many people speculating that Pink may be the Halftime Show performer for the 2017 Super Bowl. Nothing can be confirmed by the NFL, but if the rumors are true, Pink will be the most talented headliner in years. Pink can sing, dance, and do amazing acrobatics. She is an electrifying performer who doesn’t need anything extra to excite a crowd.

Lady Gaga was 2017’s halftime performer. The performance seemed perfect at first, but the fact that the first part, where she flies from the roof, was pre-filmed took away from the lasting excitement from the performance. When Gaga landed on the stage, her dancing was completely stiff, and she played it safe. But one has to give Gaga credit — the woman can sing! Lady Gaga is the ultimate performer when it comes to those who can sing almost perfectly as they dance (or attempt to in Gaga’s case).

Super Bowl Lady Gaga

In 2016 and 2013, Beyonce took the stage at the Super Bowl. In 2016, she half-heartedly performed “Formation,” but part of that was because she was a guest in Coldplay’s show. In 2013, she did a full set of her greatest hits, and although she sang and danced really well, something seemed to be missing. It’s hard to explain unless you actually see Beyonce in concert. She is an even better performer than her 2013 Super Bowl show would lead you to believe.

In 2015, Katy Perry took the stage, and who could forget Left Shark. Actually, Perry’s entire show was almost forgettable. Yes, the now faded pop star did actually do some live singing during her overwrought performance, but one wishes she would have stuck to lip-syncing. While Perry has a lot of good songs, she just doesn’t have much musical talent or stage presence, and the Super Bowl proved that.

Then, there is Madonna, and the word “overrated” should hardly be used with this amazing performer since she is underrated when it comes to her talent. However, her Super Bowl performance in 2012 is, perhaps, the only thing in her career that can be described as overrated. For the most part, it received excellent reviews.

Super Bowl Madonna

While Madonna’s Super Bowl performance was certainly good, it wasn’t great. Because Madonna is obsessed with perfection and one can barely do a full soundcheck before a Super Bowl performance, Madonna stuck to lip-syncing. And her dancing was a little stiff at times unlike it was later in the year on her “MDNA World Tour.”

It all comes down to this: All of these performers lacked something, whether it was dancing, live singing, or charisma. Pink can fill in the gaps that all these performers left empty. If the NFL does choose Pink, they will have the greatest ratings ever for a halftime show.

[Featured Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]