How To Keep Your Cool When The Powerball Jackpot Gets Hot [Opinion]

The Powerball jackpot is hot and continues to climb. As people across the country get caught up in Powerball fever, it’s important to keep your cool. The odds of winning Powerball are 1 in 292,201,338, and when the jackpot increases the odds of winning also increase. The trouble is when people become intoxicated with the fantasy of winning mega jackpots that they overspend and place themselves in financial jeopardy hoping to win the Powerball.

Powerball is an easy game to play, though it isn’t available in every state. It is a multi-lottery state and is played in specific locations, certain territories, and Washington D.C. You can find a full list of states that participate in Powerball and a map to each lottery association at the official website. Because it is easy to purchase Powerball tickets, it’s also easy to develop a gambling addiction when playing the lottery. It’s also easy to overspend when playing the lottery any time a jackpot gets high.

Playing Powerball is no different from any other form of gambling and those who play should set some ground rules to ensure they stay within their financial means and don’t develop an addiction. In fact, those who play Powerball and feel they are losing control will find resources available for gambling addiction on their local lottery sites.

It’s important to set a budget and resist the urge to overspend on Powerball tickets. Use your recreational money and not your bill money. Far too often, people are tempted to use their grocery or rent money to buy additional Powerball tickets. Sometimes people feel the more tickets they buy, the better their chance of winning. They may purchase hundreds of tickets hoping to win. Sometimes they use their personal savings and later regret the decision. If you want to purchase multiple tickets, that’s fine, but make sure the money is coming from your recreational funds and not from bills or important savings.

Some people aren’t sure whether they should pick their own numbers or let the computer select for them through the quick pick option. Both methods have historically been shown to match the winning jackpot numbers. Some people choose to play both and will play their own selected numbers as well as using a quick pick.

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