Melania Empathy: Mrs. Trump Goes To Washington, Where Media Assigns Baggage [Opinion]

Where is Melania Trump, and why does she seem to be out of sight lately? Now that news has emerged that Melania and Donald Trump have pulled out of attending the Kennedy Center Honors this year, the buzz is even louder today.

“So, what’s up with Melania Trump?” This is a question that was asked this week in the headlines of the Washington Post. It appears to be a very easy question to answer, just put yourself in first lady Melania Trump’s place.

She a self-professed quiet homebody, and she loves her husband very much, this alone presents a conflict for Melania with Donald Trump serving as president of the nation. She gave up that privacy to support her husband’s new role, but she could have never imagined it would be like this.

From the get-go, people went after her 10-year-old son, who is now 11. Melania, along with her son and husband, has been the target of some celebrities in Hollywood. She may have even enjoyed some of their entertainment venues before they made her a target for some rather nasty comments.

The media has been relentless with their attempts to destroy her reputation with reports of a past life she’s never had, one that was nothing but fake news and one that won’t be repeated here out of respect for Melania Trump. The list is long that contains nasty comments and innuendos that were thrown her way, but Melania Trump did nothing at all to deserve them.

Just this week alone, she has seen a member of the Missouri state senate say that her hope was someone would assassinate Donald Trump. That’s Melania’s husband and the father of her son. Put yourself in her place, what if that was your partner?

This was published in a Facebook post by an elected official, not some terrorist on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. According to Fox News, state Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal was the elected official who wrote, “I hope Trump is assassinated!” While it was taken down, screen shots will forever be evidence that it existed.

Would you be comfortable going out in public under these circumstances? It would only take one individual who doesn’t have both oars in the water to take Chappelle-Nadal’s Facebook post as a directive. It is not as if this hasn’t happened before in history, and that is without another politician planting a seed.

While Melania and Donald Trump have opted out of the Kennedy Center Honors to avoid the distraction that their presence will bring to the people who will be honored at that event, one can’t help but wonder if Melania isn’t just a bit relieved that she doesn’t have to attend.

According to NBC News, the Trumps have bowed out “amid planned boycotts.” This event doesn’t even occur until December, but already “multiple honorees” were planning to boycott the event if the president is there. This is an event traditionally hosted by the president, who honors artists for their American cultural contributions.

These are people who could use their platform for promoting peace, but instead, they somehow perceive that by boycotting Trump, this makes things better. But it does nothing but spotlight all the horrific things going on in the nation today.

Put Melania in the place of one of your sisters, your wife, your aunts, your girlfriend, your mother, a cousin, a close friend, or your daughter. Put the face of a woman you love on Melania for a minute and think of the advice you would give her.

It is gone beyond advice; you would be begging her to stay in the house and not go out. So, what’s up with Melania Trump? Put yourself in her place and try to answer that question.

[Featured Image by Ed-Ni Photo/Shutterstock]