‘I’ll Believe You’ With Thomas Gibson And David Alan Basche A Rare And Delightful Treat [Video] [Opinion]

Thomas Gibson and David Alan Basche star in I’ll Believe You. It’s a little-known film that got virtually no attention when it was released in 2006, but 2017 is a great time to see this funny, intelligent, yet utterly goofy comedy sci-fi. See it below.

I’ll Believe You is a comedy, science fiction, and thriller combo. This hilarious film with Thomas Gibson and David Alan Basche is a story about a small town, late night radio show called I’ll Believe You, that offers viewers a chance to call in and reveal their alien sightings, conspiracy theories, and other odd eye witness accounts.

David Alan Basche portrays Dale Sweeney, the I’ll Believe You talk show host that wants to believe, just as much as Fox Mulder. Sadly, the only steady listeners to I’ll Believe You are less than credible.

The I’ll Believe You radio show, though strange, fails to attract enough of a demographic to justify its continued existence. Facing the strong probability of cancellation, David Alan Banche’s Dale Sweeney turns to his older brother played by Thomas Gibson for advice.

Thomas Gibson portrays Dale Sweeney’s older brother Kyle Sweeney. Thomas Gibson’s character is a businessman who designs and markets garden hoses.

There is a cute scene in I’ll Believe You about six minutes into the film where Thomas Gibson and David Alan Basche are shooting at rubber ducks in a pool with a high-powered pressure nozzle. Thomas Gibson’s Kyle offers Dale a job, but obviously, that isn’t what Dale wants.

The I’ll Believe You radio show is saved, at least for the moment, after a strange caller gets hysterical in an unknown language. The call and Dale’s reaction brings the men in black to question David Alan Basche’s Dale.

I’ll Believe You with Thomas Gibson and David Alan Basche is a great adventure, with plenty of laughs. It features a host of small town odd balls and also ordinary folks who get caught up in a radio show inspired alien hunt.

I’ll Believe You, a 2006 production written and directed by Paul Francis Sullivan according to IMDb, never really got the attention it well deserved as a fun summer classic. The few reviews out there from the era are good, but overall this Thomas Gibson and David Alan Basche movie lost out on publicity and remains somewhat obscure.

Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson stars in 'I'll Believe You' [Image by J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images]

Thomas Gibson and David Alan Basche’s I’ll Believe You had virtually no publicity, and the little media attention it got was apparently a comedy of errors. Cinema Blend wrote a glowing review but got the name of the movie wrong, a mistake pros like that almost never make. Still, the review is sincere and very positive, saying, I’ll Believe You star David Alan Basche “takes the ball and runs with it.” The rest of the cast, including Thomas Gibson, also drove the humor of this delightful summer comedy.

“Patrick Gallo takes the overweight dumb guy buddy role and keeps it fresh. The real stand out though comes from [I’ll Believe You’s] vast array of cameos. As much as they are cameos, all the familiar faces that pop in fit into the movie’s universe. Patrick Warburton, (Men In Black II, ‘Seinfeld’) absolutely wowed me.”

I’ll Believe You is “squeaky clean… and still funny” according to Cinema Blend. It’s perfect for kids.

“The most astonishing part is actually how funny the film is without standard Hollywood comedy elements of ‘potty humor’ and four letter words. The film is squeaky clean…and it’s still funny. How many movies in recent memory can you say that about?”

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]


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I’ll Believe You with Thomas Gibson and David Alan Basche is a great film by any name, but it remains obscure and little known.

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