‘Little People, Big World’: Baby Jackson Is Really Loved Because He’s Kept The Roloff Family Intact [Opinion]

The Roloffs are arguably the most close-knit family on American reality TV. Far more wholesome than the Kardashians and a lot more open-minded than the Duggars, the Roloffs provide a sweet spot for reality TV fans who just want some good, family-friendly TV fun.

That is not to say that the family has been saved from controversy, however. During the course of Little People, Big World’s tenure on television, a number of controversies arose, some even threatening to pull the beloved family apart. Fortunately, the arrival of its youngest member earlier this year all but saved the family from imploding.

Tensions on Little People, Big World have always existed beneath the surface of the show. Over the years, the steadily worsening relationship between parents Matt and May were a primary cause of concern among fans. Eventually, the two did end up getting a divorce, and both have moved on to other relationships. Recently, however, both Matt and Amy have been seen being civil and pleasant to each other, even working together to organize their daughter Molly’s beautiful wedding.

So when did the Roloff parents begin almost liking and respecting each other again? Based on their social media activity, it seems like Matt and Amy ended up being somewhat close once more as soon as baby Jackson was born. In both of Matt and Amy’s social media feeds, pictures and videos of Baby J abound, and in each post, the love they have for the child is undeniable. For fans of the long-running reality TV series, it was almost as if Jackson Roloff became the catalyst for Matt and Amy to maintain a healthy relationship, despite their differences and the ever-pervading shadow of their divorce.

It’s not only Matt and Amy who felt the effects of baby Jackson’s arrival, however. Even Jacob Roloff, the black sheep of the family who walked out of the show and the farms after having disputes with TLC, is practically back in Oregon helping his family out again. Since his departure from the show, Jacob has been traveling the country, exploring Zen Buddhism and even writing a short book. At some point, Jacob even took his feud with the show public, claiming that his family’s portrayal on LPBW was fake.

Recently, however, Jacob has been making steady appearances on Roloff Farms. Right now, the youngest Roloff son is helping out his older brother Jeremy in renovating his newly-purchased home. He has also been very prominent in his sister’s wedding, appearing alongside his family members. Jacob’s return to the forefront of the household seemed to be triggered by one thing as well — the arrival of baby Jackson.

Since Baby J was born, Jacob has been gushing about his nephew on social media. His personal Instagram account, for one, is rife with photos and videos of his nephew. In all of them, Jacob can be seen as a loving uncle who is simply extremely fond of the newest addition to his family.

Even Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, which some Little People, Big World fans believe are the least down-to-earth members of the family, seems to have been positively affected by Jackson Roloff’s birth. Jeremy and Audrey have always been quite opinionated, with the former actually leaning towards settling far away from Roloff Farms due to his parents’ divorce and Amy’s newfound love for dating. Audrey, on the other hand, has been seen by many LPBW fans to be quite focused on herself and her husband alone.

When Baby J arrived, however, things began to change for the two. Jeremy and Audrey ultimately decided to stay in Oregon, just a few miles away from Roloff Farms. Both could also be seen enjoying the company of the youngest member of the family. Even the couple’s social media pages, which are usually filled with photos and videos only of themselves, include pictures with Baby J. Just like Jacob, both Audrey and Jeremy have consistently gushed about Jackson, in more ways than one.

Baby J’s parents, Zach and Tori Roloff, have always been a loving, healthy couple, and Baby J’s arrival all but strengthened their bond. Just like any other proud parent out there, their social media feeds are dominated by posts centered around the adorable baby, and it has helped Jackson become one of the most prominent members of the iconic reality TV family, despite being just a few months old.

Currently, the Roloff family definitely seems strong and intact. While some members of the family are still moving on in separate ways, and while some of its members seem to be less down-to-earth as others, the Roloffs still stand as a great example of a family that is close-knit and consistently maturing. With this in mind, baby Jackson Roloff might only have himself to thank for the fact that he is growing up in a loving family that will likely stay together, no matter how hard things will get.

Little People, Big World is expected to return on TLC later this year.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]