In The Wake Of Charlottesville Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys Marked White Supremacist Hate Groups [Opinion]

Would a Nazi by any other name genocide more sweetly? The terms “Nazi” and “White Supremacist” are being bandied about quite a bit lately. An irony I’ve found in a lot of the news coverage is that some of the groups being branded “White supremacist hate groups” seem to be fairly inclusive for Neo-Nazis. In May, Willamette Weekly reported that “White Supremacists” were brawling with leftists in the streets. The group mentioned was the same “White Supremacist Hate Group” that Nancy Pelosi is working on banning from San Francisco, where they’d planned to rally.

One of the “White Supremacists” in question is a giant Samoan by the name of Tusitala “Tiny” Toese. Is this Samoan one of the big white supremacist in the hate group? Well, he’s big in the group and he’s big in general, but he doesn’t seem to be white, which is kind of an important part of being a white supremacist. Now if “Tiny” has found his way into being welcomed as a member of a white supremacist hate group, I must at least applaud the inclusivity of your modern day Nazi.

Not white supremacist’s’. A single terrible person. ISIS has established a pattern. You know this but are being disingenuous. On purpose.

— Northwest Proud Boys (@nwproudboys) August 17, 2017

Then there’s the Proud Boys (organized by Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes). Proud Boys, if you skim the mainstream media, are another of these deplorable, racist, white supremacist hate groups. Odd then, isn’t it, that they have gay, Hispanic, and other POC members. Once again, just chalk it up to the Nazis becoming more inclusive, I suppose.

But this has happened before. Stephen Miller was slammed as an anti-Semite simply for using the “dog-whistle term” cosmopolitan. In most of the coverage painting Stephen Miller as an anti-Semite, one salient bit of information is left out. Stephen Miller is, in fact, Jewish himself. Now, don’t you think that might be a relevant bit of information? Why would it be left out? Surely a narrative is not attempting to be doctored to suit the needs of the press? Miller, by the way, was part of the origin of the “OK, hand sign is racist” hoax that had to be debunked by the American Defamation League.

It was the “OK” hand sign that got Cassandra Fairbanks (Puerto Rican) branded a white supremacist. Feminist Laci Green (Iranian) was called out as being racist when she made her break from the body of feminists and attempted to look into the anti-SJW movement herself.

Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you find yourself on, violence against anyone because of who or what they are is wrong. Antifa and others have made it their goal to “bash the fash” in the attempt to fight authoritarianism. Is not mob rule authoritarian? Also, who defines the term “Nazi.” Reports from Charlottesville include POC members of the Proud Boys in attendance. Marginalizing a group, demonizing and dehumanizing them and driving them underground is not a healthy way to deal with any societal ill. Misrepresentation only exacerbates this situation.

I’ll leave you with the words of one of the purported “White Supremacist Nazis” who attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Don’t let the hue of his skin fool you, by the way. I have it on good authority, all the attendees were white supremacist Nazis.

“About Unite the Right, there will be groups there that we don’t agree with. Here’s my biggest issue. We’re here to protect the first amendment right of everybody. Doesn’t matter if we agree with them. When we decide to pick and choose whose first amendment rights we want to protect we become just as good as Antifa and everyone who attacked us here in NOLA and everyone that’s attacking people in Berkeley, in Denver, all over the country. I am personally not going to let that happen. I am absolutely ok with going to Unite the Right and standing up for everyone’s first amendment rights. And no one’s going to tell me otherwise. So we will be there this weekend. We are going to Unite the Right.”

[Featured image by AP Photo/Jay Reeves]