Jinger Duggar Has Turned Into The Very Girl Her Parents Avoid In Public, And It’s A Great Thing [Opinion]

Every member of the Free Jinger movement should rejoice. With Jeremy Vuolo’s latest Instagram update about his wife, Jinger Duggar has officially become the very girl her parents and brothers completely avoid in public. As shown in her husband’s most recent Instagram uploads, Air Jordans, pink skinny jeans, and a colorful Nike shirt are now part of the Counting On star’s wardrobe. Little by little, it seems like Jinger is getting more and more free.

During the run of 19 Kids and Counting, viewers and fans of the iconic reality TV family became privy to the Duggars’ code word “Nike,” which they use to warn boys about women who are dressed inappropriately. Looking at Jinger’s latest ensemble, it almost seems like the brazen Duggar daughter and her husband are deliberately defying the rules of her family, proudly wearing a shirt that literally has the code word emblazoned across the reality TV star’s chest.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s particular choice of clothes for the Duggar daughter has an undeniable tinge of irony in it, and it has been noticed by many members of the Counting On online community. In the official Counting On subreddit, for one, many users remarked how interesting it is to see Jinger become the very person her parents warn her brothers against. Others also noted that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar probably reacted with shock at their daughter’s latest photo.

“HAAAA! Do you think that’s a coincidence or is she embracing the double meaning in that she now IS the person her brothers are not allowed to look at?” one commenter wrote.

“This must have caused some pearl clutching at ma and pa Duggars. I love it,” another commenter wrote.

Her first pair of J's????Retro 7's???? @jumpman23

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Members of the Duggar-themed Facebook group Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles And Hairspray also approved of the irony prevalent in Jinger’s new look. Some, however, have voiced their concern, stating that Jinger’s new wardrobe might simply be the effect of her husband’s influence. This seems especially true since rumors are high that Jeremy and Jinger’s dad, Jim Bob Duggar, have not exactly been seeing eye to eye lately.

“I do wonder if Jeremy is putting pressure on her to dress a certain way. He seems very intent on sharing pictures of her which I can’t shake off the feeling is solely for the purpose of aggravating JB,” one commenter wrote.

“Is this really her style, or her jock husband’s? It’s like she is the female Jeremy now,” wrote another commenter.

Regardless of who really is behind Jinger’s new wardrobe, however, the fact remains that the Duggar daughter is now experiencing and enjoying privileges that were denied to her when she was growing up with her hyper-conservative parents. Even something as simple as Air Jordans and pink skinny jeans, after all, was practically off-limits for her under the roof of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

With her latest pictures, Jinger had all but established her place as the black sheep among her married sisters. After all, Jill, Jessa, and Joy-Anna all seem to have settled into marriages that are quite similar to the type of relationship that their parents have. Jinger however, has settled into a much different type of dynamic with her husband. If any, her latest photos suggest that Jinger is starting to gain more and more freedom, at least up to a point.

And that, for Jinger’s fans since her 19 Kids and Counting days, is more than what anyone can really hope for.

A good time w/ my lady at the Border Town Flea. That heat'll getcha! ☀️????

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Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are featured in Counting On, which is scheduled to return on TLC this coming September.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram]