Jay Leno Discusses A Ford Boss Mustang 429 With Marcus Anghel [Opinion]

1969 Ford Boss Mustang

Jay Leno’s Garage is a fascinating show, not only because of the cars Leno personally owns but because of others in the classic car business who bring by amazing cars for Jay to admire. Marcus Anghel of Anghel Restoration brought by a Ford Boss Mustang 429 for Jay to see.

The 1969 Boss Mustang 429 is perhaps the ultimate American muscle car in many ways. The 429-cubic-inch Boss engine, however, was d-tuned for the streets to 375 horsepower. The 1969 Boss Mustang Marcus Anghel showed Jay Leno in the video below, however, was reset to 100 percent of its potential horse power.

The Boss 429 Mustang that Marcus Anghel showed Jay Leno was a stock, single-owner car kept in mint condition for nearly half a century. Jay Leno admired the pure 100 percent stock nature of this car.

Jay Leno introduced Marcus Anghel in the video above. Marcus Anghel of Anghel Restorations writes for Mustang Monthly and is a MCA National Gold Card judge. Classic Ford Mustangs are his area of expertise. Marcus and Jay Leno share a love of Classic cars.

Jay Leno and Marcus Anghel discussed this rare car. Ford Motor company commissioned Motor Craft to install their Boss 429 engine in a very limited production of the 1969 Ford Mustangs. Ford Motors told Car Craft to “[f]ind a way to make it fit,” Marcus Anghel explained to Jay Leno.

The 1969 Ford Mustang body had to be modified just a bit, and the battery moved to the trunk, to accommodate the huge Boss 429 engines, which are sometimes called Shotgun motors. Marcus Anghel showed Jay Leno the huge battery in the trunk.

The 1969 Boss Mustang with its 429 engine is extremely rare. Only 857 of them were ever made, according to Gearheads. Each real 1969 Boss Mustang has a special date code plaque with KK stamped on it. The first 1969 Boss 429 Mustang had the code KK#1201, for example.

1969 Ford Boss Mustang rear view

The 1969 Boss Mustang that Marcus Anghel showed Jay Leno was a one-owner car and fully original with less than 50,000 miles on it. It is completely original with the original engine, the original drive train, and a vast majority of original parts. Jay Leno noted that the interior of this Boss 429 Mustang is also original, and Marcus Anghel explained that even the original dashboard was repaired rather than replaced.

Marcus Anghel told Jay Leno that Car Craft built the engines for the Boss Mustang in Dearborn, Michigan. Then, the Ford Motor company sent the 857 Mustang bodies without engines or paint to Car Craft to be individually customized to accommodate the massive engines.

The 1969 Ford Boss Mustang that Marcus Anghel showed Jay Leno was exactly as it came stock down to the GM made smog pump, even though a lot of people removed those. The car came with competition suspension, a 391 rear end, a top loader four-speed transmission, and sway bars. The Boss also came with five-lug Magnum 500 wheels.

1969 Boss Mustang in Black

Jay Leno appreciated that the 1969 Ford Boss Mustang came with power steering and power brakes, two things that aren’t always included in a classic Mustang. The car also featured front disk brakes and rear drum brakes, making the Boss Ford unusual in that way.

The 1969 Ford Boss Mustang had a $5,000 sticker price in 1969, which was more than a Corvette at the time. Very few of these cars were made and fewer still exist, but from time to time, these cars do turn up for sale.


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Jay Leno and Marcus Anghel showed and explained the 1969 Ford Boss Mustang in the video above.

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