Kate Middleton’s Travels Include A Morbid-Themed Protocol Of Royal Family? [Opinion]

The royal family has just about thought of everything when it comes to travel and with Kate Middleton being one of the newer members of this family, one has to wonder what she thinks about some of the odd rules and protocols thrust upon her. The rules and protocols drawn up for the Royals to follow while traveling are vast and while many have to do with reputation, there is one mandate that has a bit of a morbid theme to it.

The buzz about the members of the Royal Family being banned from eating shellfish when traveling out of the country has made headlines recently. But this doesn’t make them any different from the Smiths or Jones family who travel abroad. The Royals also avoid undercooked meat and tap water on their travels, again a common sense tip that most people follow.

While banning shellfish was recently offered up as a tidbit about the royal family, they are no different than most seasoned travelers who know not to touch the stuff because it has a high incidence of food poisoning The Sun suggested. However, there is one rule that Kate Middleton was introduced to as a royal that she probably didn’t follow when she was still just Kate from Bucklebury.

One of the more bizarre rules that the Royals follow has to do with death when traveling. This dates back to something that happened decades ago with Queen Elizabeth, who was Princess Elizabeth at the time. It was during her travels to Kenya as a young woman with Prince Philip, according to Bravo.

It was during that vacation that Princess Elizabeth was notified her father had died. Upon learning of his death, the rest of the trip was canceled and Princess Elizabeth along with Prince Philip immediately headed back home. It was upon her father’s death that the crown passed down to Elizabeth as the oldest of her father’s two daughters to become Queen of England.

Much of the royal rules and protocols have to do with the family members’ reputations and keeping in favor with the people of the land. So when Princess Elizabeth, or now Queen Elizabeth, landed back home, she couldn’t get out of the plane because she didn’t have the proper attire to denote she was in mourning over the death of her father.

Elizabeth had to wait on board the plane until a proper outfit was delivered to her at the airport. To step off the plane in anything other than black would have caused tongues to wag in those days. It is because of this incident that the Royal Family are basically mandated by royal protocol to pack clothes to wear to a funeral when the travel.

This is in case someone in the Royal Family dies while they are traveling away from home. One has to wonder how Kate, who has just brought new Royal Family lives into this world with her husband Prince William, feels about this rule.


Kate, who is so full of life, is probably not someone who spends too much time on thinking about the down side of things. Each time that black dress or funeral attire is packed and unpacked it has to be a reminder of why she may be wearing this one day. Thankfully there’s no such thing as a crystal ball available to tell her who she may be mourning one day in that traveling black ensemble.

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