Hillary Clinton Election Loss Likened To Jesus’ Crucifixion By Her Pastor? [Opinion]

Could this be why Hillary Clinton feels the need to be the savior of the people? She has her pastor telling her that her election loss was similar to the crucifixion of Jesus, and reminds her that she will have a Sunday again as Jesus did. Apparently, on the morning following Hillary’s big election loss to Trump, her pastor sent her an email comparing her loss to a horrendous loss that the Christian world suffered thousands of years ago.

Newsweek reports that besides Hillary’s infatuation with strolling through the woods after losing the presidential election to Trump, she has also turned to religion. Hillary’s pastor’s name is Reverend Bill Shillady, and he revealed this week that he consoled Hillary the morning after the election via an email. What he put in that email seemed to hold Hillary in a high place, and if she is taking this pastor’s words to heart, she may very well believe his comparison.

While Hillary could very well be soaking up all these references to the Christian supreme being, there’s sure a lot of people on social media sites that aren’t taking this in. People are outraged, with some making suggestions that can’t be repeated here.

Most are appalled that someone would have the gumption to use the plight of Jesus and equate this to what Hillary went through. To say that folks on social media sites are not feeling what this pastor is feeling, about Hillary’s own Good Friday, would be a gross understatement.

Hillary's Pastor making waves after comparing her to Jesus

Some folks have asked how this pastor can deem Hillary as the “second coming of Christ.” Like seen in the tweet below. The word “sacrilegious” was used often in the comments online when describing what Shillady did by making this comparison to Hillary. The Deplorable Pixie tweeted that both “Hillary and her pastor are sacrilegious and delusional!” Others suggested that the pastor owed an apology to Jesus for making this comparison.

Shillady’s email talked about Good Friday, which is the day that Christians believe Christ was crucified. In what sounds like a pep talk, this pastor first acknowledged “this is not the devotional you wish to receive this day,” but he went on with his thoughts directed at Hillary just the same.

According to the copy of the emailed letter that was obtained by CNN News, Shillady starts off by describing Good Friday, which “represented the day that everything fell apart.” He continued by saying “The momentum and hope of a man claiming to be the Son of God, the Messiah who was supposed to change everything, had been executed.” You can read the full letter, which is published here on the Huffington Post.

Then he explained how the people of that era didn’t realize what Sunday would bring, despite Jesus telling his followers that the temple would be restored in three days.

“They betrayed, denied, mourned, fled and hid. They did just about everything BUT feel good about Friday and their circumstances,” Shillady writes.

According to Newsweek, the pastor told Hillary that “she — and the nation, which ultimately gave her the popular vote — was in the middle of such a Friday but needed to hold on.” He then stated, “Our hope is that Sunday is coming. But it might well be hell for a while.”

Comparing Hillary to Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Sunday is putting one heck of a lot of stock into her Easter basket. This is an event the Christian religion is based upon, so using Christ’s crucifixion as a comparison to anyone or any event is usually frowned upon with religious leaders.

Hillary Clinton has said that her religious upbringing was helpful to her when it came to her personal development. As far as the religion she identifies with, that would be Methodist, according to Newsweek. Shillady and Hillary became friends after meeting in 2002. He wrote her daily devotionals for all of last year during her presidential campaign. He also attended Chelsea’s wedding and the memorial held for Hillary’s mother.

Those daily devotionals that he wrote for Hillary are now in a collection that he’s published, in which Hillary wrote the foreword. In the book, you will find 365 devotionals penned by Shillady for Hillary, which is a year’s worth. He’s also included “personal notes” and “portions of her speeches.” He also threw in some headlines “that provide context.”

Shillady is the one who got the ball rolling about Hillary possibly doing a stent in preaching, this was his suggestion. He believes she’s finally reaching her “proverbial Sunday.”

Shillady said, “She’s the most relaxed I’ve ever seen her, having fun with her grandchildren. I think she’ll continue to speak out on issues that are important to her, on women and gender and children’s health.”

Going back to that Sunday, the day the pastor sees her rising from whatever it is he sees her rising from is not going to be another election for her, Shillady conveys.

“She’s moving on with her life.” She may even do a “stent preaching,” is what Shillady said to McClatchy DC.

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