Johnny Depp’s 1959 Corvette From ‘The Rum Diary’ Inspired Of Black Eyed Peas’ Car [Opinion]

Johnny Depp was given the 1959 Corvette featured in the Rum Diary in October 2011. USA Today reported that Depp was gifted with that famous red 1959 Chevrolet in 2011 by the film’s producer.

That 1959 Corvette inspired of the Black Eyed Peas to build his own interpretation of the car in 2012 after seeing The Rum Diary. incorporated a 1959 Corvette C1 body over a custom-made tube chassis with a 2008 Corvette interior and suspension, according to the Daily Mail.

While Johnny Depp’s 1959 Corvette was, for the most part, original, stock, and classic, Black Eyed Peas star created an original work of art, and though definitely car-show worthy, it is far from a stock classic car, though the exterior at least, resembles one.

Black Eyed Peas’ enlisted West Coast California Customs in Corona, California, to build the 1959 Corvette of his dreams. Ryan Friedinghaus told the Daily Mail that he shared’s vision for the Black Eyed Peas star’s 1959 Corvette.

“ and I share a passion for creativity and he approached me with a new project that he envisioned, and he knew we were the best in the business. Working with Will and his creativity is exciting and inspiring.”

The Black Eyed Peas star’s vision was about Johnny Depp’s 1959 Corvette, except made his way, of course. Johnny Depp’s vision was about a movie.

Johnny Depp longed to produce a movie about a certain story he found in the notes of his friend and mentor Hunter S. Thompson called The Rum Diary. That film resulted in Johnny Depp receiving his own 1959 Corvette.

Johnny Depp’s 1959 Corvette was given to him by The Rum Diary producer Graham King. Johnny Depp’s company Infinitum Nihil and Graham both took a hit on producing the film, which grossed only $13.1 million for a budget of $45 million, according to IMDb. Graham King is quoted in USA Today.

“He worked so hard on the film and why not? He was pretty blown away by it.” of the Black Eyed Peas found inspiration to build his 1959 Corvette in The Rum Diary. Johnny Depp’s film, based on the story by Hunter S. Thompson, was inspiring in a lot of other ways too. It was a great movie, despite the box office failure.

Johnny Depp of Hollywood vampires

The Rum Diary was based on a previously unpublished story by Hunter S. Thompson that Johnny Depp found in Hunter’s boxes of notes. The Rum Diary was made for sentimental and artistic reasons, and even Johnny Depp was reportedly not surprised it wasn’t a box office sensation, but there was a significant financial loss involved for Johnny. of the Black Eyed Peas

The 1959 Corvette probably softened the blow of Johnny Depp’s financial loss at least a bit. Read more about Johnny Depp’s movie losses and gains on the Inquisitr.

Johnny Depp and Black Eyed Peas member are not alone in their love for the 1959 Corvette. Jay Leno and TV chef James Martin also own 1959 Corvettes. The Rum Diary is not the first film to feature a 1959 Corvette. Elvis Presley drove a 1959 Corvette in Clambake, back in 1967.


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Johnny Depp and of Black Eyed Peas share a love for the 1959 Corvette.

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