‘Criminal Minds’ Protest: Thomas Gibson Fans ‘Still Standing’ #NoHotchNoWatch One Year Anniversary [Opinion]

Criminal Minds fans got the shock of their lives exactly one year ago today as it was announced that Thomas Gibson had been fired by ABC and CBS. Gibson fans sprang into action quickly, spawning the Twitter protest organization #NoHotchNoWatch.

#NoHotchNoWatch met on Twitter each Wednesday night at 9 p.m. to tweet about Thomas Gibson during the hour they normally watched Thomas on Criminal Minds. Each Wednesday for 11 years the Gibson fans had glued themselves to their television sets to watch Criminal Minds, but now that hour is spent on Twitter.

The Criminal Minds boycott by #NoHotchNoWatch has continued for a full year. The group at first refused to watch the show and sought to trend on Twitter every Wednesday night instead. As their movement grew, #NoHotchNoWatch is now boycotting all programming on both ABC and CBS as well as Thomas Gibson’s old show, Criminal Minds.

#NoHotchNoWatch is planning to hold a special two-hour Thomas Gibson Twitter fest to commemorate the 1-year-old Criminal Minds boycott from 9 p.m. until 11 p.m. this Wednesday, August 16. All are welcome.

The hashtags will be #NoHotchNoWatch, and then the combination of #ThomasGibsonStillStanding and #WeAreStillStanding. This weekend’s theme song is “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John.

Criminal Minds was a mainstay of these hardcore Thomas Gibson fans until Gibson was terminated August 12, 2016. As Phoenix Rising explains, in the tweet below, her first missed episode of Criminal Minds in 11 years was the Season 12 Criminal Minds premiere on September 28, 2016.

This week, Thomas Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch have been rounding up their members, some of whom had taken a short summer break, to participate in the one-year Anniversary party, and also to start gearing up for Season 13 of Criminal Minds.

These one-time Criminal Minds fans are “still standing” in solidarity with their favorite heartthrob Thomas Gibson. The manly hunk won their hearts years, and in some cases, decades ago.

Thomas Gibson has had a long and distinguished career in theater, movies, and television, according to IMDb. Gibson started in theater at the age of 9 and went to Julliard on a full scholarship, according to TV Guide.

Thomas Gibson and Jenna Eifman as Dharma and Greg
Thomas Gibson and Jenna Eifman Many #NoHotchNoWatch fans first noticed Gibson on Dharma and Greg [Image by Hulton Archive/Getty Images]

Many Thomas Gibson fans remember him from the soap operas Another World, As The World Turns, and Guiding Light, while others recall Dharma and Greg, but all of them watched Criminal Minds loyally until CBS and ABC decided to fire Thomas Gibson.

Most Criminal Minds fans felt the loss of Thomas Gibson but for these hardcore fans, Thomas’s absence is devastating. It is important to remember that the members of #NoHotchNoWatch were extremely dedicated to Criminal Minds until Thomas was terminated.

#NoHotchNoWatch members were once avid fans of Criminal Minds, not just Thomas Gibson. These fans loved the show, but one year ago they became enraged, and they are still angry about the way Thomas Gibson was treated.

The Criminal Minds boycott known as #NoHotchNoWatch has a certain aspect of organizational genius. This well organized Thomas Gibson fan group has all the elements a protest needs to endure.

Thomas Gibson fans created a simple plan that anyone could follow. Don’t watch Criminal Minds and tweet at #NoHotchNoWatch instead. The Twitter fests are fun and breed solidarity and comradery, plus the leadership keep it fun and interesting.

Criminal Minds Set Thomas Gibson A.J. Cook
Criminal Minds Set Thomas Gibson A.J. Cook by Nick Ut AP


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Criminal Minds boycott at #NoHotchNoWatch is growing and these hard core Thomas Gibson fans are still standing for what they believe is right.

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