Netflix And Disney Partnership Ending: Streaming Giant Was Prepared For This [Opinion]

Netflix subscribers (and investors) are in panic mode after news broke yesterday afternoon that Netflix and Disney would be ending their partnership together. The end of this partnership meant, in time, all of the beloved Disney-owned content in the Netflix library would be pulled.

The Inquisitr has already published a very detailed piece covering all the what’s, when’s, and why’s reading the end of the Netflix and Disney partnership. But this news has left people in panic with one simple question – is this going to cause problems for the streaming giant?

The unexpected and sudden announcement certainly spooked investors as shares in Netflix dropped 4 percent. Many media outlets believe this drop in shares stems from a fear that other companies will follow in Disney’s shoes and begin ending partnerships and pulling content from Netflix as well. Is this a snowball effect? Is Netflix doomed?

According to Barron’s Next, Netflix subscribers have nothing to worry about as the streaming giant was prepared for something like this to happen. In a separate report, CNN notes that the end of the partnership between Disney and Netflix isn’t going to kill the streaming giant.

For starters, Netflix has been beefing up the volume of original content they offer in their streaming library. There are shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, The Ranch, 13 Reasons Why, and Sense8 that Netflix owns exclusive rights to. You won’t find these Netflix Originals on any other streaming service. Those who are concerned about so many children shows and movies being pulled from the Netflix library can rest easy because there are even a number of Netflix Originals geared towards children including The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Spirit: Riding Free, Beat Bugs, Luna Petunia, Home, Puffin Rock, and Popples.

CNN notes the fact that Netflix stock is still up 40 percent this year and Disney isn’t even the first company to pose this sort of threat to the streaming giant. Furthermore, there are even other streaming services such as Hulu which also have Disney content available on them. Will Disney be ending their partnership with these streaming services as well?


Netflix has continued to survive against other streaming services such as Amazon, Hulu, CBS, HBO, and Showtime. So, there’s no reason to think a Disney streaming service is going to cause problems for Netflix when it comes to business or subscribers.


Adam Sandler is another great example as to why Netflix isn’t going anywhere. The streaming giant signed a contract with Sandler to produce four Sandler movies and then signed a second contract to produce another four Sandler movies. Adam became one of the first actors to shift to focusing on making movies for a streaming giant instead of making movies that go to box office. So, you aren’t going to find any new Adam Sandler movies on the Disney streaming service any time soon.


With the reboot of Full House via Fuller House and Gilmore Girls, Netflix also isn’t afraid of purchasing the rights to a series that was popular before being canceled with the intention of rebooting it. In theory, the possibilities with purchasing and rebooting canceled but popular TV series is pretty endless.


While the idea of not being able to watch shows like Moana on repeat on Netflix in a few years can put a damper on anyone’s mood, the end of the Disney and Netflix partnership isn’t a bad thing. Netflix will continue to thrive.


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