‘Criminal Minds’ Lines Up Villains, But Fans Need A Hero: #NoHotchNoWatch Calls For Thomas Gibson [Opinion]

Criminal Minds writers are adding villains to their cast for Season 13, and they have some great ones. Jamie Kennedy is back as Floyd Feylinn Ferell (shown above), but great villains require great heroes. For #NoHotchNoWatch, that means none other than Thomas Gibson, and #NoHotchNoWatch will accept no substitutes.

Since Thomas Gibson was dismissed from Criminal Minds by CBS and ABC, #NoHotchNoWatch has condemned the public shaming that Gibson received in the media for allegedly kicking a writer. Thomas Gibson reportedly maintains that Virgil Williams brushed past him, and as Thomas moved out of his way, his foot tapped Williams’ shin.

While Virgil Williams was not really injured in the clash, the network’s decision to fire Thomas Gibson definitely hurt Criminal Minds and caused hardcore fans to turn their backs on their favorite show in anger, frustration, and disgust. People who had been involved in supporting and promoting the show on Twitter are still very offended by the firing of Thomas Gibson.

Criminal Minds writers struggled through Season 12, grasping for a viable explanation for their missing unit chief, trying to appease an angry audience and tormenting Matthew Gray Gubler’s character, Spencer Reid, with a set of unfortunate events that rivals the biblical Job.

Criminal Minds experienced a sharp decline in ratings following the departure of veteran actors Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. Fans were saddened when Shemar Moore decided to leave Criminal Minds but enraged at the firing of Thomas Gibson.

Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore served as the heartthrob action heroes on Criminal Minds. Moore and Gibson were the tough guy heroes of Criminal Minds’ BAU unit for 11 seasons.

Matthew Gray Gubler is more of a sensitive, genius heartthrob on Criminal Minds, but what is the more deliciously delicate boy genius going to do coming up against Mr. Scratch and a monstrous cannibal?

Criminal Minds writers are bringing back Jamie Kennedy in Season 13 to portray Floyd Feylinn Ferell, who first appeared in Season 3, according to Cinema Blend. Ferell is a cannibalistic serial killer who might just want to find out how delicious Dr. Reid really is, and what about J.J., Penelope, Tara, and Emily? Can even Rossi stand against this monster without Hotch and Morgan?

In Season 3 of Criminal Minds, the BAU team was strong. Thomas Gibson’s Hotch powerfully took the helm of the BAU after Mandy Patinkin’s unexpected departure. Shemar Moore and Joe Mantegna were at his side as Morgan and Rossi. Reid, J.J., Penelope, and Emily were all there as what most people consider the core cast of Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds Set Thomas Gibson A.J. Cook
Criminal Minds Set Thomas Gibson A.J. Cook [Image by Nick Ut/AP Images]

Without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore there to portray Hotch and Morgan, what’s to stop Floyd Feylinn Ferell from making a meal of the BAU? Well, Criminal Minds has brought in two new would-be heroes.

Criminal Minds casting brought in the would-be heroic figure Adam Rodriguez to portray Luke Alvez in Season 12. In Season 13, Daniel Henney from the failed Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders series will also join the cast.

New Criminal Minds Cast Member Adam Rodriguez
New Criminal Minds Cast Member Adam Rodriguez [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

How will Adam Rodriguez and Daniel Henney’s new characters stack up against Mr. Scratch, Floyd Feylinn Ferell, and about a dozen other random serial killers? Will J.J., Tara, an Emily be able to step up to the challenge?

Will the Criminal Minds season finale be Floyd Feylinn Ferell picking the remains of the BAU from his teeth? Of course, Criminal Minds writers would never do that, but just as the Walking Dead cast would be dead a thousand times over without Daryl Dixon, so the survival of the BAU in the face of Floyd Feylinn Ferell, plus the crafty Mr. Scratch, both with vendettas against the BAU, seems unlikely without either Thomas Gibson or Shemar Moore.


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Criminal Minds needs Thomas Gibson, and #NoHotchNoWatch supporters say the show won’t work until he is returned.

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