Donald Trump ‘Lies Nearly Every Day:’ Is He The Biggest Liar To Set Foot In The White House? [Opinion]

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings continue to show the lowest ratings for any U.S. President in living memory. According to Newsweek, Trump’s numbers are so bad that a Republican party strategist, Rick Tyler, claims that Trump should be on “24-hour suicide watch.” Tyler, who worked on Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, says that Trump’s numbers are so bad that they may not be recoverable. After 200 days in office, only 38 percent of American’s believe that President Trump is “doing a good job.” Perhaps more worryingly, only 24 percent of American voters said that “they trusted the information that comes out of the White House.”

Those numbers may be shocking, but they should not come as a surprise, especially when Trump’s honesty is being attacked by members of his own party. According to Newsweek, Ana Navarro, a Republican strategist, has claimed that if Trump wants the American public to trust him, he “should start telling the truth.”

“I think the solution is very simple: start telling the truth. Start taking your job seriously, stop exaggerating, stop outright lying and then repeating it.”

“We need to believe our president when he stands in front of that podium and speaks to us. He has been president for 200 days, and he has lied practically every single one of those days.”

According to the Washington Post, Trump’s level of honesty is worse than Navarro claims. They published a “fact checker” on July 19, and claim that in his first 181 days in office, Donald Trump made 836 false or misleading claims, an average of almost five every day. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Obamacare, foreign policy, Russia, and NATO come high on the list that the Washington Post says Trump misleads people on. Who could forget the dramatic moment when former FBI director, James Comey testified under oath and called Trump an “outright liar.”

Donald Trump Lies

The Washington Post is not the only major news outlet to attack Trump’s honesty. The New York Times has published a long list of Trump’s “alternative facts,” and go so far as to say that “President Trump’s political rise was built on a lie about Barack Obama’s birthplace.”

How Big A Liar Is President Donald Trump?

It is probably fair to say, that Donald Trump is hardly the first politician to offer “alternative facts” to the public. Spinning stories, to present facts in a way that is beneficial to a government, is a tried and tested political strategy. Nonetheless, it is interesting to compare Trump’s record with that of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

According to Politifact, only 17 percent of President Trump’s statements have been shown to be totally or mostly true. They claim that 68 percent of Trump’s statements range from “mostly false” to outright lies. The same site claims that Barack Obama’s statements were 49 percent true or mostly true, whilst 26 percent ranged from mostly false to lies.

Barack Obama Lies

Of course, we shall never know if Donald Trump is the biggest liar ever to enter the White House, but it incredible to think that two out of every three statements made by Trump are, at best, misleading. The computer age has made it easier to track the veracity of recent presidents, but we don’t have the means to check the truthfulness of the statements made by previous presidents. It would be interesting to know the numbers for Presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon, two men who were somewhat economical with the truth.

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