‘DOOL’ Eric Brady Needs A New Love Interest But Is Nicole Really The Best Woman For Him? [Opinion]

DOOL fans are watching as Eric Brady grows closer to his first love Nicole. The two have a long history and have been through so much together. Could all the twists and turns lead to a life together?

The following will contain possible spoilers. If you don’t want to know what may be coming on DOOL, stop reading now.

Eric Brady has had women troubles forever on DOOL. Even while he was a priest. Not only was Nicole not so secretly in love with him, but Kristin DiMera drugged and raped him to get revenge on his mother. Ruining his name and causing him to leave the priesthood, Eric seemed lost. Then his best friend Daniel was killed in a drunk driving accident that Eric caused. He was unable to find peace until Nicole recently found a way to forgive him.

When he was released from prison, Eric returned to Salem. Jennifer and he had always been friends, but their relationship really began to grow. As they got closer, Jennifer realized that Eric was still harboring feelings for his first love, Nicole. Many DOOL fans were disappointed that the pair didn’t work through things. Jennifer is a great person, just like Eric. The two had all the makings of a loving couple for Salem.

Now with Nicole having forgiven Eric, the two are reconnecting. Brady has been through so much with Nicole but it seems that he is going to lose her. Eric is on his way to winning back her heart. Nicole is torn because she actually does have feelings for both of the brothers.


Nicole is preparing to exit DOOL. While spoilers have not said how her departure from Salem will happen, fans are hoping she will ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after with her daughter Holly. Could it be that Ron Carlivati believes Nicole’s happily ever after is with Eric, her first love?


Fans of DOOL weighing in on social media are mostly supportive of a reunion of Eric with Nicole. There are others, however, that would like to see Eric actually settle down in Salem with Jennifer. To see him in a stable relationship with a loving character that is so much like him would be a happy ending to his years of struggle and pain.

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