Is Sean Hannity Boycott Un-American? [Opinion]

Many believe that Sean Hannity acts in a very unethical way. His peddling of conspiracies and his constant defense of Donald Trump, no matter how bad the president acts, is a cause for concern. Sean Hannity wasn’t always desperate. He was always right-wing, but that doesn’t make him desperate despite what some on the left want you to believe.

But some of Sean Hannity’s actions lately have even right-wingers questioning his sanity. For one thing, until recently, the Fox News host had still been peddling the Seth Rich murder conspiracy. Seth Rich, who worked for the Democrat National Committee, was murdered in a botched robbery in July of 2016. Sean Hannity, as well as some on the right, have speculated that he was giving information to WikiLeaks — something that is far-fetched and not supported by any facts whatsoever.

As Newsweek described, Sean Hannity and some other Republicans have been peddling this conspiracy despite appeals from Rich’s family. Hannity eventually declared he would stop discussing his investigation on his nightly show. However, as Newsweek‘s article noted, it has more to do with the displeasure of Fox News executives than Sean Hannity having second thoughts.

This spring, many on the left successfully organized to get Bill O’Reilly fired from Fox News due to sexual harassment claims. They tried to do the same with Hannity. As The Blaze noted, the boycott failed.

Sean Hannity Seth Rich
Sean Hannity has embroiled himself in a lot of intense controversy. [Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images]

“A liberal media watchdog group, Media Matters, which was founded by George Soros, last week published a list of companies that advertise on Hannity’s show. The list includes more than 150 companies that have sponsored Hannity since May 1.”

The article adds that although some companies have withdrawn their sponsorship of Hannity’s Fox News show, most are still onboard. However, as has noted, there is more pressure this week to fire Hannity.

“Media Matters for America said Friday it will begin asking Hannity’s advertisers to shun him and will ask thousands of its members to also contact companies. The group is setting up a website and plans to hire a plane to carry an anti-Hannity banner in the New York area,” writes columnist David Bauder.

Though the effort has been praised by some on Twitter, there are others who think the boycott efforts just make the left look bad.

Indeed, the left is starting to look ridiculous. It’s obvious they are trying to silence Fox News. The left has traditionally embraced free speech, but these days, it seems as if free speech is only a left-wing value if you agree with them. That’s not to say that Fox News holds high standards of journalism; they don’t. But if we start boycotting everything on Fox, there will soon be efforts to silence liberal outlets like MSNBC or CNN.

The left’s constant efforts to shut down anything they don’t agree with is one of the reasons we have a someone like Donald Trump in the White House. People are tired of being told what to think, what to watch, and how they are somehow immoral if they disagree with someone. It’s as if the far left has become just as bad as the religious right, which held a lot of power in the 1980s and 1990s.

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The truth is that no matter how degrading of a human Bill O’Reilly may be, Fox News shouldn’t have fired him. O’Reilly was their bread and butter. Although Tucker Carlson Tonight is up in the 25-54 demo — which can be seen as a plus for the network — it will be the end for Fox News if they are pressured into firing Sean Hannity. Of course, you can bet that Sean Hannity will find another outlet in order to spew his nonsense.

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