Trump Trolled On Twitter For #PurpleHeartDay — Slammed With Past Comments And Draft Dodger Memes [Opinion]

Donald Trump sparks controversy on Purple Heart Day

Do you remember when a veteran gifted Donald Trump a Purple Heart medal and Trump’s reply was that he always wanted one, and this was a much easier way to get it? So do his critics on Twitter. In fact, as #PurpleHeartDay trended on Twitter today, President Trump was slammed with GIFs, memes, comments, and videos from those who not only remembered the incident, but also accused Trump of being a Vietnam War draft dodger. Politico reported about Trump’s receiving an honorary Purple Heart in 2016, and the topic proved for plenty of discussion on social media today.

While the president might be cooling off at his Bedminister, New Jersey golf club, things definitely heated up on Twitter. The attacks against President Trump only escalated when he took a break from his work vacation to tweet about Senator Richard Blumenthal’s claims to have served in Vietnam. A 2010, New York Times expose shed light on Blumenthal’s claims and his historically proven military record that showed five deferments and zero war-time action.

While there are many who would agree with President Trump’s assertation of Senator Blumenthal’s record, many called him out for being hypocritical when his own record of service in Vietnam has been under fire. Tweets abounded today calling President Trump a draft dodger for deferring the draft due to college and then for medical reasons. A Politifact article questioning the validity of allegations that Trump dodged the draft saw renewed traffic today.

Though controversy ensued about President Trump on Purple Heart Day, it was undoubtedly his past comments regarding always wanting to receive the medal of honor that caused the most outrage. President Trump did tweet a photo of himself with a Purple Heart medal of honor recipient, but still, some argued that Trump had disrespected those who served with his past comments regarding the medal. President Trump’s previous comments towards Senator John McCain also didn’t go unnoticed. Here are some of the comments that flooded Twitter in response to Purple Heart Day.

During a 2015 campaign stop, Donald Trump had referred to John McCain, who was a prisoner of war and questioned McCain’s status as a war hero, as reported by the New York Times. Senator McCain was captured in Vietnam and is a Purple Heart recipient.

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[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP]