Purple Heart Day Is August 7: How You Can Help American Veterans Live Happier Lives [Opinion]

August 7, 2017, is Purple Heart Day, and it’s a time to honor, remember, and recognize the men and women who have been wounded in service while fighting for our freedom. As the United States continues to see war, it’s important that veterans return home and are welcomed with open arms. There are many ways that civilians can help ensure wounded veterans return not only to a country that recognizes their sacrifice but also helps them live a happier life. One way to help veterans is through the Purple Heart Homes project.

The Purple Heart Homes project helps provide home or makes current housing more accommodating for those veterans who have received the Purple Heart medal. Additionally, Purple Heart Homes announced via a press release the launch of the annual campaign Operation Veteran Home Renovation. The campaign receives donations and various funding to help ensure wounded, older veterans have safe and adequate housing. Sometimes they need help with lawn maintenance or additions made to their living structures such as wheel chair ramps or guard rails.

According to the press release, credit unions have joined with the Purple Heart Homes project, the Home Depot Foundation, and the National League of Cities, along with seven mayors from cities across the United States for this year’s campaign. Commencement will begin on projects beginning on August 7, 2017, Purple Heart Day, and must be completed by Veterans’ Day, which is November 11, 2017. Those who want to help with the project can donate to various organizations that are committed to bettering Veteran’s lives.

Donating money or volunteering your time is an excellent way to help veterans, especially those who are Purple Heart recipients. You may find a list of veteran organizations at the official U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs site. There are resources available for veterans as well as for those who’d like to find a program in which they can volunteer their services. Monetary donations are always needed, and you can find more information about tax-deductible gifts at the Veterans’ Affairs’ donation site.

Are you going to celebrate Purple Heart Day? Do you know a Purple Heart recipient whom you will honor on this special day? Please leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions below.

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