Molly Roloff Wedding: Why Aren’t There More Pictures? Probably Because Their LPBW Contracts Forbid It [Opinion]

Little People, Big World fans have been scouring the internet for pictures of Molly Roloff’s wedding, only to come up with not a lot. Between all of the social media accounts of all of the Roloff family members, only about 10 or so photos of the wedding have emerged.

Why is that? After all, if you got married last weekend, your mom would have blown up social media by now with a thousand pictures (or, if she’s like this writer’s mom, she’d have printed off the photos at Walgreen’s and sent them out via snail mail). Amy Roloff, on the other hand has (as of this writing), posted exactly two. Molly’s new sister-in-law, Audrey, has posted exactly one (and Molly and her new husband, Joel, aren’t even in it). Brother Zach hasn’t posted any (although he can be excused, because he’s a dude, and dudes don’t care about this stuff, am I right guys?). Sister-in-law Tori, by comparison, has flooded Instagram with wedding photos, posting a whole three of them — one of which doesn’t even have Molly or Joel in it.

What’s more, you don’t see Molly and Joel standing before the officiant. You don’t see the inside of the building where they got married. No ring bearer, flower girl, groomsmen, bridesmaids – none of that.

The reason is most likely because all of the Roloff family, and the women who have married into it, have signed contracts limiting how much they can show of the wedding.

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At this point, it bears noting that this writer is just speculating; I haven’t seen the Roloffs’ LPBW contracts for myself. But considering what we know about reality TV and celebrity life in general, it makes sense.

Look at it this way: The Roloffs are stars on a TV show. That TV show, like any other, has drama, characters, plots, and so on. If social media were flooded with pictures of the wedding, that would rob TLC of a major plot point for an upcoming season.

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What’s more, celebrity weddings are usually tightly-controlled affairs, with guests signing non-disclosure contracts to keep photos of the event from being leaked to the media. The Roloffs aren’t celebrities on par with the Kardashians or the cast of The Big Bang Theory, but they’re still celebrities.

There’s also the fact that Molly Roloff (er, Silvias, sorry) is an intensely private person — at least, compared to the rest of her family. While her parents, brothers, and sisters-in-law are more than happy to put themselves out there on TV and/or social media, Molly prefers to keep to herself. Even in Little People, Big World’s first iteration in the mid-2000s, Molly (an adolescent at the time), didn’t like being on-camera and kept her presence on the show limited. Now an adult, Molly still prefers to live in anonymity (more or less), and only rarely appears on her family’s show.

In other words, if you see any more of Molly Roloff’s wedding at all, you’ll see it in an upcoming episode of Little People, Big World and not on social media.

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