Clear The Shelters Is August 19: Adopt Your Forever Friend As Adoption Fees Are Waived Or Low-Cost [Opinion]

Clear the Shelters is the perfect time to adopt a pet

August 19, 2017, is Clear the Shelters day, and it’s a great time to adopt a pet from your local shelter. The brainchild of Corey Price, Clear the Shelters day began in 2014 as Empty the Shelters day. It’s a time when affiliated animal shelters and rescue organizations waive adoption fees or significantly lower the cost of pet adoption in a concerted effort to help find animals in need forever homes.

Price is the director of the Irving Animal Shelter, and she started the first Clear the Shelters event. It didn’t take long before national networks grabbed hold of her idea, and NBC (along with Telemundo) provided news coverage to help realize the goal of emptying shelters. You can watch a video interview with Corey Price as she discusses Clear the Shelters 2017 below.

PETCO has joined forces with Clear the Shelters, and representatives will be present at certain adoption locations to offer education, resources, and coupons to new pet owners, according to a press release. Price states that during the spring, animal shelters and rescue sites are filled due to high birth rates. During the summer months of July and August, the shelters need to be cleared. The event ensures that everyone who would make a suitable pet owner can realize their dream of pet adoption.

According to a recent NBC press release, more than 75 NBC and Telemundo affiliate stations will air programming on August 19 in order to help clear the shelters and find forever homes for pets in need.

Check your local listings for television programming on NBC and Telemundo, as many networks will introduce different animals available for adoption. You may want to contact your local animal shelter, rescue site, or county animal control department for more information regarding facilities that will participate in Clear the Shelters 2017.

Keep in mind that many rescue organizations and animal shelters offer more pets for adoption than dogs and cats. You might find rabbits, birds, iguanas, and more ready for adoption. Contact your local shelter and find out what type of animals will be available. You can find information, including videos regarding pet care, at the official Clear the Shelters website that will help ensure new pet parents are well prepared for bringing their forever friend into their homes.

Are you going to adopt a pet on Clear the Shelters day? Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions below.

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