Malia Obama’s Bizarre Thrash-Dance At Lollapalooza Handled With ‘Kid-Gloves’ [Opinion]

Headlines today indicate that Malia Obama was “dancing” at this year’s Lollapalooza in Chicago, or “dancing like crazy” at the festival and having a “great time.” All of these reports appear factual, with evidence shown on a newly released video, backing them up. But are these headlines leaving a little something out?

These “dancing” descriptions used in the headlines didn’t seem to do Malia’s actions justice. While the act of dancing has changed drastically in the last few decades, not all these moves that Malia is demonstrating on this video resemble dancing in any sense of the word.

Most headlines left out how Malia was rolling around on the ground, banging the pavement with her fist while kicking her feet. They didn’t mention her thrashing her arms and legs like a woman having some type of reaction.

While the Chicagoist is featuring a looping clip of Malia falling to the ground, rolling around and kicking and banging her fists, they describe Malia’s demonstration as “Malia Obama is having a great time at Lollapalooza 2017.” Again, there’s not much doubt that she didn’t have a great time, once you’ve seen the video, but there’s more to these actions than just “dancing.”

Malia’s episode of odd movements at Lollapalooza is seen on a YouTube video, which is posted near the end of this article. The oldest Obama daughter looks more like she’s rehearsing a scene from a movie as a character who is taking out their frustrations at the height of their breaking point. While many headlines made it sound like she was cutting a rug, much like you might find at a high school dance, social media users were quick to point out that the moves she was demonstrating were a bit odd.

Malia is at that age where she’s legally an adult, but still going through all those rites of passages that kids experiment with at that age, so from all reports, Malia seems like a typical 19-year-old kid. It is too bad that she can’t go to the places that kids her age typically frequent without being photographed, videoed, and then having those images held under a microscope.

Just think back to the days when you were her age, you can more than likely pick out more than one episode that would have mortified you if it was streamed out to the nation. That is one benefit Malia doesn’t have; what she does becomes headline news.

Being the eldest daughter of the former president, she is going to attract attention, much like she did this weekend at Lollapalooza. The reporting on her “dancing” moves made it sound as if she broke out in an old-fashioned waltz, this was no waltz and it was beyond one of those modern-day movements of twerking.

There were just a few websites that used words to describe what they saw Malia do in the video that actually resembled what she seemed to be actually doing. XXL Hip Hop was one of those sites. They didn’t sugar coat the demonstration that is seen on the video coming from Malia Obama.

They describe Malia and her friend as having quite a good time at the Lollapalooza event. They start out by conveying that when they say Malia was enjoying the event, “we mean she was absolutely turnt.” According to Bustle the word “turnt” has emerged from rap and hip hop and they offer three definitions of turnt with the first being,

“The most wonderful feeling in the world. Sought after by the biggest bousses and ballas, it can only be achieved when all five senses are stimulated to their fullest extent. The links between these senses cause the human brain to experience supernatural side effects, thus creating, the only way to reach maximum swag.”

The next one means it’s “another way of saying f–ked up. To be drunk or high or any other impairing decision that could be made at any given time. Associated with getting turnt up, and turn up!” The third being, “Horny, drunk, f—-d up!! Crunk!!” Bustle then sums it up by saying, “being turnt is a lifestyle choice achieved only by those who can handle it.”

XXL describes how, at one point, Malia’s friend falls to the ground.

“In the video, the friend appears to drunkenly fall at Malia’s feet, who then proceeds to wildly play air drums before helping the girl up.”

They also write, “In another section of the clip, Malia falls to the ground and pounds the pavement as The Killers rock out on stage. She definitely looks like she had a night to remember. If she can remember anything today.”

Malia did nothing wrong here, she was with a friend having a good time, but it was almost as if two different people were described in the headline news articles. According to XXL, it was last year at Lollapalooza where Malia was reportedly smoking pot, again that’s nothing to get alarmed over as she wasn’t doing anything half her age group probably did at one time or another.

The New York Daily News reported in their headlines that “Malia Obama thrashes on the ground at Lollapalooza.” They are apparently another website to call it like they see it, but the majority of the headlines didn’t indicate much more than Malia having a “good time” and “dancing” at Lollapalooza.

With that said, what if this was one of Donald Trump’s kids. While there’s no one in his family right now that is near Malia’s age group, but what if, say, his youngest daughter was captured on video “dancing” like this. Would the headlines be as kind?

Many people across the social media sites don’t think so. As HorseBelle suggests in the tweet below “Different media standards” when it comes to Trump’s kids and Obama’s kids. She suggests that the media is handling Malia’s event with “kid-gloves.” This is just one of many comments that have brought up the idea that if this was a child of Donald Trump’s then the media would be having a field day.

When Barron was still only 10 and he started to get sleepy in the wee hours of the morning at a political event for his father, the headlines were outrageous. Unless you lived on an iceberg in the Antarctic at the time you’ve heard them all.

The long day and night for the 10-year-old didn’t come into play in the headlines, no. He was tired and a bit restless, and any parent out there would understand why. The event went on until well after midnight. They started horrific rumors, which there’s no need to rehash here. It was back in January when the Huffington Post conveyed how horrific the accusations had become and they basically wrote an article about enough being enough.

As far as Malia Obama is concerned, she could have been dancing in a way that made her feel closer to the music playing. There’s also a chance that she could have spotted the prying eyes of reporters and decided to give them a run for their money.

The eldest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama is one smart cookie; she starts Harvard in the fall. She very well could have spotted that someone was watching her and said to her friend, I’ll give them something to film. Still, what Malia was doing went beyond the scope of dancing, but you would never know this if you took the headlines as your only source of description.

This makes one wonder what Barack and Michelle Obama think of Malia’s actions this weekend. Did her parents suggest that it is probably a good idea not to be making a habit of this on the cusp of walking into Harvard? Or did they see it as their oldest daughter blowing off some steam in a rather odd way? What do you think?

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