‘Little People, Big World:’ Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Were Unusually Quiet In IG After Molly’s Wedding [Opinion]

Molly Roloff’s wedding will likely not be aired on television, but based on the photos that have emerged about the big day of Matt and Amy Roloff’s little girl, the celebration seemed to be nothing short of perfect. So perfect, in fact, that within 12 hours of the event, almost all members of the iconic reality TV family have shared snapshots featuring the special day to their social media followers. Everyone, that is, except Audrey and Jeremy Roloff.

Looking at the family’s Instagram pages, an interesting observation could be made. After the wedding, everyone in the Roloff family got busy sharing Molly’s magical day to their social media followers. Amy has been updating her Instagram followers since early Saturday morning, and Matt has been sharing photos of his unforgettable time with his beautiful daughter on both his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Tori and Zach Roloff have also posted photos of themselves in the event, with the well-loved reality TV family posing for a picturesque shot in a stunning field of flowers. The image was posted only on Tori’s account for now, but considering that Zach Roloff does not really update his Instagram account often, the absence of a new photo on his social media page is understandable.

Jacob Roloff shared a photo of Molly’s wedding to his Instagram followers, too. Even his girlfriend, Isabel Rock, who is yet to become an official member of the iconic reality TV family, shared a picture taken on the special day, describing the wedding as “magical.”

The Instagram accounts of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, however, are strangely absent of any photos from Molly’s special day as of writing. The last update on Audrey’s Instagram page was still her latest dating advice, which was posted around three days ago. Jeremy, for his part, had been dormant in the social media platform for days, only posting a short marriage advice around five days ago.

Audrey did update her Instagram Story during the day, but her update did not really show much. It featured a few snapshots of baby Jackson, a couple of selfies, and more pictures featuring her pregnant self. Apart from those, however, no formal photos from the wedding have been posted by the young, outspoken couple in their personal Instagram accounts immediately after the event, contrary to what every other member of the Roloff family has done.

Considering that Audrey and Jeremy are extremely active members of the Instagram community, it is quite strange to see the couple hold out in sharing photos of Molly’s wedding with their Instagram followers. Audrey and Jeremy, after all, have more than 1 million followers between them. Thus, their lack of formal updates during and after the wedding celebration feels downright unusual.

There could, of course, be many reasons behind this. Since Jeremy is a photographer, he could still be refining the photographs he took during the event. Audrey is also very close to her due date, so she could simply be far too tired to update her social media accounts after such as long, active day. Whatever the actual reasons may be, however, the absence of any pictures from Molly’s wedding in Jeremy and Audrey’s Instagram accounts is very noticeable.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are featured in Little People, Big World, which is expected to return on TLC later this year.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]