Is ‘Shameless’ Getting Rid Of The Shame In Season 8? Have Faith In Frank [Opinion]

When Shameless comes back with Season 8 this fall, Frank is reportedly turning over a new leaf after the death of the love of his life, Monica. The death of Monica was rather short-lived, as she wasn’t a regular on Shameless, so fans didn’t see her enough to really mourn her absence from the cast lineup. Frank’s love for Monica seemed to bloom more than ever during her final visit to the Gallagher household.

Frank, who was apparently head over heels for his long-lost soul mate, married her on the last season of Shameless and the two of them went on a bender together, which eventually led to her demise. With Monica gone, the family now has a new Frank on their hands, according to a previous Inquisitr article offering up spoilers. Has he really turned into your suburban next door neighbor? If this is the direction the Showtime series is going with Frank, then for just how long will this work for a show that has grown around the drunken antics of the patriarch of this Shameless family?

Entertainment Weekly asks, “Can Frank be redeemed?” Die-hard Shameless fans are probably thinking that’s a big “no” when attempting to answer that question. First of all, Frank is someone who has basically lived his life in the gutter and he loves to entice his offspring to join him in that gutter from time to time. Frank Gallagher is quite comfortable there, but most of all when it comes to the reality of things, it’s hard to image how Shameless would survive if they changed the family’s direction.

Frank, Fiona, and Lip, along with the rest of the siblings on Shameless, are doing things that normal folks only think about. They even have family friends, Kevin and Veronica or “V” who play out the unthinkable antics in their daily lives. Putting this crowd around a table for a traditional Sunday dinner should fall to a disaster, and it is usually Frank who kicks off that disaster.

Fiona needs to struggle, Lip needs to be there for her backup when things get tough, and Debbie needs to play the part of a young unwed mother struggling with bringing up the baby while she’s riddled with the scars of her own Gallagher upbringing. Monica’s demise won’t be too detrimental to the Shameless story line, as she only blew in now and then to remind the viewers of what Fionna and the kids were up against besides Frank when it came to childhood memories.


Without daddy Frank stumbling drunk around the neighborhood and coming up with his get-rich-quick schemes, who is going to taint the youngest family member? All the other kids have had their time with Frank learning how to scam people, but Liam needs more time to really get that Gallagher tradition instilled into his bones.

Frank worked Liam a little bit around the prestigious school he got into, but again he’s still too young to try a Gallagher ploy on his own like the other family members. So are the Gallaghers supposed to mosey on home each night to a family dinner with Frank at the head of the table saying Grace? The creators of Shameless wouldn’t let the show go from depicting the dregs of society to having a nighttime ritual like the Waltons, would they?


Speaking of the dregs of society, while the Gallaghers might have that look when you first open the Shameless door and see their family in play, they are far from the bottom layer of modern civilization that some of their antics often display. To be a Gallagher means you are loved, and every member of the clan that carries that surname would be there and have your back even if you embarked on a serial killing spree. One thing the Shameless brood has is glue; they stick together.


With spoilers coming from Entertainment Weekly indicating that Frank has “turned over enough new leaves to start a cabbage patch,” viewers of the show can’t imagine that Fiona and Lip will go along with his new promises. The two oldest kids, if not the whole clan, are going to have some real concerns that Frank isn’t serious.


Don’t forget the amount of love-hate this brood had for Frank a year ago when they literally tried to kill him. They dumped his inebriated body off a bridge, but he somehow found his way to the water’s surface and back on dry land.

For Frank to truly turn over a new leaf, he has to give up the bottle and his drugs. While he has done that for very short time periods before, mostly due to sickness, he didn’t last very long. Whatever Season 8 of Shameless has in store, it will be interesting to see Frank attempt a new lease on life, and it will be just as interesting to see the Gallagher clan doubt him around every corner. There’s a boatload of trust needed to be earned by Frank for his kids to even have a remote thought of taking him seriously.

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