Why Kim Kardashian And Rob Should Be Worried About Blac Chyna’s New Venture [Opinion]

Rob Kardashian’s recent drama-filled split from Blac Chyna caused quite a stir on social media. This was after he posted a video of her and another man making out. He also shared nudes of the former stripper in a revenge porn rampage that caused his Instagram account to be disabled. Robert Shapiro, his lawyer, later on publicly expressed Rob’s remorse over his actions. The explicit posts prompted Blac to file for a restraining order preventing him from posting about her online or going near her.

About their relationship, many had already pointed out that it was probably going to be a bit of a handful for the Kardashian. Tyga, Chy’s ex had also apparently warned Rob about dating a girl like Chyna, given her background and his inexperience dealing with a lady like her. The following was his statement while on the Breakfast Club.

“I told him what the play was … This is what you about to deal with. Chyna, she’s just got a different mentality. She really is a good person at heart, but she’s been through a lot in her life, and she really didn’t have people to help guide her and stuff in her life… A n***a like him ain’t gonna be able to handle somebody like her. He coming from a whole different world. He don’t know how she move or how she think. When you’re in love and when you don’t care what nobody else think … love just blinds you.”

Presently, Blac Chyna is reported to be working on a music deal with Capital records. According to sources who spoke to TMZ, she intends to go into the music business and become the next Nicki Minaj. The report indicates that several music records have already expressed their interest in working with the former stripper. She has apparently started recording and has had meetings with Capital Records top execs.

On her new music venture, it is likely to be a reason for concern for the Kardashians, given the audience it would give her and their intention to keep private family matters away from the public. And considering Chy’s present feud with Rob, she will have the ability to use her music platform to get back at him or his family if the chance arises.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna at her Birthday Celebration And"Chymoji" Emoji launch last year [Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]

However unlikely this seems, there is a high probability of it happening as Chyna has on several occasions demonstrated that she is not exactly the type to hold back when it comes to defending her own. Remember her tirade against Wendy Williams? According to an insider who recently spoke to Hollywood Life, Kim Kardashian was naturally furious that Blac Chyna would use her brother following the drama after their split, not to mention the negative publicity that it generated.

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