Melania Trump’s Sister Has An Enchanting Online Presence [Opinion]

Her little sister has been the first lady of the most powerful nation in the world for eight months now, but Ines Knauss isn’t a name that the masses easily recognize. Melania Trump’s big sister is probably someone that New Yorkers walk by daily without knowing that she’s the first lady’s sibling, and that’s probably the way Ines Knauss likes it. If she wanted attention, the flood gates would open and reporters would come pouring out if she just said the word, but that doesn’t appear to be her style.

Ines lives in a luxury one-bedroom apartment that is owned by the Trump Organization, just a block or two away from Trump Tower. This has kept the two sisters close for much of Melania’s life in the Big Apple. While the first lady barely speaks of her sister in public, which is out of respect for her privacy, she did offer up a few words a while back. It was last July while Melania was on the campaign trail when she shared with the audience that her sister is “an incredible woman and a friend,” according to CNN.

Melania Trump is big on keeping her family out of the public eye, starting with her son Barron and moving right along to her parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, who are with her much of the time. She never shares information about her mom, dad, or sister, and while she has shared some information about Barron and his interests in the past, it’s been very limited by this protective mom.

Who is Ines Knauss? That would be a hard question to answer for anyone unless they actually knew the woman, but when looking at the things she has created and posted online, it is almost as if you get a feel for Melania Trump’s sister’s personality. Her elusiveness is a theme she carries through online as even many of the interesting pictures she has posted are without captions.

Without writing a word, it is easy to see that Ines is proud of Melania as she has many pictures of her sister posted on her social media pages. Melania’s pictures depict her as a baby and other photos show a very young school girl Melania. She has pictures displayed right through her modeling years with her sister Melania. While Ines does have a few pictures of herself as a child on social media, she only had one of herself as an adult for a while online, but it looks as if she’s shared a few more as time went on.

It is easy to see that Melania and Ines are sisters as they both possess an exotic-like beauty. As the New York Post reported back in February, Knauss seems to “live under the radar.” That hasn’t changed much since their report in the beginning of the year, but she’s added some things to her eclectic offerings online that offer a little more insight into Melania’s sister. As you can see by the post below, even being as quiet as a church mouse in the real world, she is still not immune from the reach of Trump’s critics. The picture of the two sisters below offers up the family resemblance.

What do you see when browsing through Ines Knauss’ Twitter and Facebook page? We learn a little bit about Melania and Barron Trump. Melania donned a semi-rebel face once when standing next to Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler in what looks like an older picture. Barron Trump was an angelic looking toddler, a child who could have easily graced covers of parenting magazines with his adorable looks.

It is apparent that Ines is a proud aunt when it comes to her nephew Barron Trump. While there are no names attached to the pictures of the little toddler on her Twitter page, it is not too hard to spot who it is. Barron’s bright eyes give him away. There is also a picture of the toddler with Donald Trump, his dad, so that’s a dead giveaway.

Ines has a few more pictures of herself posted online today, mostly from her younger days. She also has many pictures of Melania and Barron. These aren’t pictures you’ll see in the mainstream media; they are just of a little boy sitting in a car on a snowy day, who happens to be Barron. The page shows a beautiful woman with sparkling eyes, who happens to be Melania and then there are pictures of Ines herself, who is every bit a beauty as her sister. These pictures depict the sisters through the different decades.

Many of the posts on the Ines Knauss Twitter page are retweeted, like different posts in memory of the French actress Jeanne Moreau, who died at age 89 on July 31. This would seem to indicate that Ines was a fan of the actress. There is something about all the different pictures and all the different subjects that leave you in amazement when browsing through her Twitter page. It is almost like Ines can see things differently than their generic form, like the picture of a telephone dial or just a stack of books. They are taken from different angles rather than the way you are used to seeing them.

There is a picture of a grouping of pens that are colorful and their barcodes are very visible — that is all you can say about the photo — but it evokes a mood, one that Ines seems to capture in the pictures she posts and the sketches she herself has created. While there’s nothing spectacular about the photo itself, it leaves you wondering what caught Ines’ eye for her to post this online. Ines is an artist and that comes out in most of her posts, as there is a flare of quiet creativity to the way some of the most generic items are pictured.

She seems to find interest in the simplicity of things, and without knowing the woman who posted these photos, you might find yourself liking Ines. It is because of the beauty she appears to find and capture with photos and drawings of some of the simple things. Her Facebook page offers up a picture of her mother holding Melania as a baby and another of Melania as a school-aged girl. She shares a picture of her parents when they were a very young couple and a picture of Melania turning 1 year old.

There is a picture of a jar of “Melania Night Cream” done up in silver and gold. There’s also a picture that appears to be a peep hole in a door, the kind that you look through when someone rings your doorbell. It is a very stark photo, and again, a very generic subject. You find yourself thinking… what is it about this subject that caught Ines’ eye? Many of the pictures that Ines has posted on social media are mood enticing.

There are also pictures documenting her brother-in-law’s night of victory. She has snap shots of CNN on the TV with the message “Donald Trump Wins” sprawled across the screen. From pictures of everyday objects to views of Manhattan taken from high above the city, each photo seems to say something about the quiet and unassuming sister of Melania Trump.

The Ines Knauss Twitter page is really interesting, and you can actually get a feel for who Melania’s big sister is. The Ines Knauss Twitter page and Facebook page share a lot of the same photos, but there are some that are different in each. You can see Ines’ own sketches, which she has posted online to share with others. Then take a look at the other pictures of places and objects that meant enough to Ines for her to post them online. Here is one of her sketches that Melania Trump shared a while back on social media.

In today’s online world, you can’t always trust that the person whose name is on a social media account is really that person. The Ines Knauss Facebook page and her Twitter page appears to be the real Ines Knauss. Mainstream media sites have used images from her page and credited them back to Melania’s sister. The pictures of Melania and Ines, along with Ines’ other photos and posts, really are intriguing. One thing for sure is that Melania Trump’s sister might stay under the radar in real life, but she has an enchanting online presence.

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