Jay Leno’s Car Collection: Leno’s 1000 HP 1965 Ford Mustang Is Controversial And ‘Vicious’ [Opinion]

Jay Leno’s Car Collection is so extensive it takes up an entire warehouse, but one of his most controversial cars by far is the fully customized classic 1965 Ford Mustang dubbed “Vicious.” This 1000 hp monster hot rod Ford Mustang is anything but stock.

Jay Leno, says in the video below his Ford Fastback Mustang is “so far from stock it’s hilarious.” Leno explained that his 1965 Ford Fastback Mustang is a source of controversy. Some people “love it,” Jay says, but others are “furious” that this beautiful classic Mustang has been so utterly transformed into something quite different than it was originally built to be. For better or worse this 1965 Ford Mustang has been reborn.

Jay Leno’s one of a kind air shifted six speed, 1965 Ford Fastback Mustang was built by Timeless Customs. It took nine months to build this baby for Leno. That adds up to 10,000 man hours put in by some of California’s top mechanics to make this Ford Mustang the custom Fastback it is today.

This all steel and aluminum body Ford Fastback Mustang features a supercharged 5.1 all alloy Aluminator Ford Coyote racing engine. With its 68 millimeter turbochargers, this Mustang yields 1000 hp.

Jay Leno’s Ford Fastback Mustang started it’s life 52 years ago, as a six cylinder Ford Mustang coupe with a six cylinder engine. The Ford Mustang’s transformation from gentle classic to Vicious Fastback Mustang hot rod is very dramatic.

Though Jay Leno’s 1965 Ford Mustang is old, the value of this coup is marginal compared to a factory stock fastback. The six cylinder engine, though perhaps more fuel efficient kept it from being highly prized.

It’s also possible that Jay Leno’s car no longer had the original Ford engine. Often in a Ford Mustang or other muscle car of this age, the original engine is already long gone. By the time Timeless Customs obtained the car, the 1965 Ford could have survived many engine replacements. If those serial numbers don’t match between the body and the block, then perhaps arguably, one might as well switch it out for something completely different.

Jay Leno’s Vicious little 1965 Ford Mustang is built for speed. The body has also been modified with fender flares and more form to function alterations. This Ford Mustang’s coupe to Fastback transformation was custom fabricated with 19 and 20 gauge steel, as well as a little 16 gauge aluminum where appropriate.

This Vicious 1965 Ford Mustang, fabrication weighs in a lean and mean 3450 pounds. With silver exterior and lipstick red interior, Jay Leno’s custom Fastback is a beautiful car, and no expense was spared in making this car the best it could be, even though it is far from stock.

Inside Jay Leno's Big Dog Productions Car Warehouse during Shell Event
Inside Jay Leno's Big Dog Productions Car Warehouse during Shell Event [Image by Jonathan Moore/Getty Images for Shell]

To say that Jay Leno loves cars would be an understatement. Jay has an enormous warehouse full of cars, and the Vicious 1965 Mustang probably doesn’t come close to being the most valuable car in Jay Leno’s airplane hanger style garage.

Jay Leno has a bit of everything, from vintage classics to one of a kind prototypes. Jay Leno collects both foreign and domestic cars, as well as rooms full of motorcycles and just about every imaginable kind of vehicle.

This 1965 Ford Fastback Mustang is just one of a virtual sea of gorgeous vehicles owned by Mr. Jay Leno.

Inside Jay Leno's Big Dog Productions Car Warehouse
Inside Jay Leno's Big Dog Productions Car Warehouse [Image by Jonathan Moore/Getty Images]

Jay Leno’s collection consists of, perhaps most amazingly, 100 percent drivable tagged vehicles ready to drive at any time. That in itself must be a major undertaking just to keep up with registrations and plate renewals, for what seems to be a countless fleet of Jay Leno’s amazing vehicles.

Jay Leno’s car collection is extensive An Auto Guide reporter said after a tour of Jay’s car warehouse, Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage was a lot bigger than it looks in the videos.

“This place is way bigger than what you see in the videos. There are cars everywhere and they’re in great condition. They all have keys in them and the walls and shelves are filled with memorabilia.”


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Jay Leno’s Vicious 1965 Ford Mustang is lean, mean and built for speed, but Leno’s custom fastback also looks amazing.

[Featured Image by Dan MacMedan/Chevrolet News Photo/Getty Images]