Florida ‘Sugar Daddy’ Who Handed Out ‘Sugar Baby’ Business Cards To Young Women Banned From Beach [Opinion]

A sugar daddy was banned from a florida beach.

Only in Florida: A 73-year-old “Sugar Daddy” has been banned from a beach for handing out his business card to young women. The message on those cards? “Sugardaddy seeking his sugarbaby.”

You’ve got to hand it to Richard Basaraba: It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to walk around Daytona Beach and give business cards to attractive young women, particularly considering his reasons. A “Sugar Daddy,” for those who don’t know, is a wealthy, typically older man who lavishes money and gifts on a younger woman who is his “Sugar Baby.” Whatever else (wink, wink) happens in such a relationship is generally between the man and the woman, but draw your own conclusions.

“Ask me about your monthly allowance.”

I would almost congratulate the guy for his candor were he not so sleazy.

The Volusia County authorities, however, aren’t exactly interested in congratulating him. As the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports, authorities have banned Basaraba from beaches and boardwalks in the county for six months. Officially, it’s because he violated the county’s anti-solicitation code, making this the most indescribably minor “crime” I’ve ever written about. Unofficially, he was banned because he creeped everybody the heck out, including at least one teenage girl.

A Florida man is looking for his sugar baby at daytona beach.

Mom Karolina Seaman was soaking up rays at the beach with her daughters, ages 18 and 16, on Saturday, when Basaraba approached them. He handed out his business card, featuring a photo of a younger woman sitting on an older man’s lap, to the young ladies. What happened next isn’t clear, but at some point, Basaraba learned that one of the girls was underage. Rather than doing the right thing and doing, you know, absolutely anything else, Basaraba instead allegedly held up a bra and said he was looking for someone to fill it. He allegedly told the younger girl to contact him when she was 18.

A Daytona Beach man was banned for trolling for concubines.

A News-Journal reporter talked to Basaraba, and it seems he’s pretty taken aback by the way Volusia County reacted to his behavior.

“I’m really upset about it. This really knocked me for a loop.”

He says he’s walked along Daytona Beach wearing a shirt that reads, “Accepting application 4A sugar baby.” It’s been a big hit with the young ladies, he says.

“I’ve had women stop me and say, ‘I want to take a picture with you in this shirt.’ They want to put them on Facebook.”

Now that people have complained and he’s been banned from the beach, Richard is re-thinking his approach, says the Associated Press. He’s shredded his business cards, deleted the email account on those cards, and deleted his Facebook account as well.

Do you think it’s inappropriate for a man to approach young women on the beach and ask them to be his “Sugar Baby”? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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