DC Comics: ‘Son Of Batman’ With The Voices Of Allen And O’Mara, Featuring Gibson As Deathstroke [Opinion]

DC Comics creation Son Of Batman is an action packed, deliciously violent escapade featuring Thomas Gibson, formerly of Criminal Minds, as the voice of Deathstroke, and Stuart Allan in the title role as the Son of Batman, Damian Wayne.

Batman or Bruce Wayne is voiced by Jason O’Mara again in this DC Comics animated feature. David McCallum does a wonderful presentation as the voice of Alfred. As Den of Geek noted, Alfred gets all the best lines.

DC Comics villain Deathstroke, also known as Slade Joseph Wilson, is a villain perhaps best known for his feud with Green Arrow rather than Son of Batman. This DC Comics character is rated by Wizard Magazine as the 24th greatest villain of all time, according to IMDb.

Thomas Gibson’s Deathstroke was described as “solid” by Screen Rant. Deathstroke is a deadly assassin who first appeared in DC Comics: The New Teen Titans #2. Deathstroke, as his name implies, isn’t exactly Mr. Personality, but Gibson does give him a strong and expressive voice.

The DC Comics version of Son of Batman is adapted by James Robinson from the Gran Morrison and Andy Andy Kubert story Batman and Son, according to Den of Geek. The Son of Batman, Damian Wayne, is the result of a union between Tallia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne.

In DC Comics’ Son of Batman, Bruce Wayne has parenting problems from the start with his pint sized ninja son, who is a cool customer at best and a cold blooded killer at his worst. Den of Geek describes Damion Wayne’s violence as “rather gleeful.”

“The problem here is that the violence is rather gleeful, and this sequence is so extended that it begins to feel a little gratuitous… but the scene with young Damian blowing guys away with a pistol was a little disconcerting.”

This DC Comics presentation seems to be saying that the Son of Batman is not a very nice kid. Damien is rude, vicious, and cruel, but like all parents, Bruce Wayne does the best he can with his boy. Damien is in many ways almost a parody of Bruce Wayne’s own violent drive for vengeance. Sean Axmaker’s review on Rotten Tomatoes speaks about Batman as a parent.

“Batman becomes not just a father figure to a young sidekick but in fact a father, trying to teach his arrogant and highly talented ninja assassin of a son a less fatal approach to combat and crime fighting.”

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds was the voice for Deathstroke [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

The Son of Batman, Damien Wayne, has not yet matured enough to make viable excuses for the devastation he leaves in his wake. The character development is, of course, not the main focus of any DC Comics film, but in recalling the film, it does seem like Damien is a bit like Bruce. Rotten Tomatoes critic Mike McGranaghan also sees Damien Wayne as a reflection of Bruce Wayne.

Son of Batman has an engrossing take on the Dark Knight. Oftentimes, adding a kid to the mix is a sign of desperation, but in this case, it allows for some further examination of the character.”

DeathStroke action figure
DeathStroke action figure [Image by N Azlin Sha/Shutterstock]

Son of Batman, like all DC Comics, has far more action than drama though, and that action never lets up with Son of Batman. The plot is driven largely by Batman’s son’s propensity to violence.

Son of Batman is a DC Comics delight with lots of action and animated violence.

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