New Movies 2017 On Netflix: Review Of ‘Opening Night’ [Opinion]

New to Netflix in August is one of the funniest movies of 2017, Opening Night. If you’re looking for Netflix movies with plenty of adult humor, wit, and music, then Opening Night is for you. This hilarious gem is the first feature-length film directed by Isaac Rentz — known for directing commercials and music videos for GAP, Comedy Central, Nick Jonas, and Linkin Park — and it features an all-star cast: Topher Grace, Taye Diggs, Anne Heche, Alona Tal, Paul Scheer, Lauren Lapkus, Rob Riggle, Brian Huskey, and singer and N’ Sync member JC Chasez.

Netflix Movies: Opening Night Plot

A failed Broadway singer, Nick, portrayed by Topher Grace, now makes his living as a theater production manager. He must rescue the opening night for the musical One Hit Wonderland by managing his eccentric cast and crew. Amid all the chaos, Nick tries to figure out his love life with his ex-girlfriend and cast member Chloe (Tal).

One Of The Funniest New Movies Of 2017

This is a must-watch for fans of Broadway, or for anyone who has been in theater, but anyone who likes feel-good movies or witty comedy will enjoy this film as well. Though Opening Night is technically a musical, most of the music is just small snippets of the One Hit Wonderland show. I’m not even a fan of musicals, but I found myself enjoying the composition of this film almost as much as the witty dialogue.

best new movies of 2017 on Netflix
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The entire cast delivers exceptional performances, and they all deserve a standing ovation. The chemistry between Topher and Alona is absolutely endearing. Per his usual, the How Did This Get Made? podcast host, Paul Scheer, entices laughter in every scene that he’s in. JC Chasez essentially plays himself, and he does a great job revealing a deeper side of stardom. Lauren Lapkus is charming as usual, and Anne Heche is perfectly cast as the Broadway veteran. Fans of Rob Riggle will be happy to see him portray obnoxious-sarcasm as only he can, and Brian Huskey plays his awkward character with comedic precision. Out of all the movies and shows he has been in, this is arguably Taye Diggs’ best comedic performance.

best new movies of 2017 on Netflix
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Opening Night Trailer


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With plenty of laughs, a feel-good essence, and five-star performances from the entire cast, Opening Night is one of the best new movies of 2017, and you can stream it on Netflix.

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