Donald Trump Tweets There’s ‘No Chaos’ At The White House, Facts Say Otherwise [Opinion]

Donald Trump tweeted Monday morning that there is “no chaos” at the White House despite a major shakeup in his staff, failure of the Republican-led Congress to pass one of his signature legislative pieces, and multiple ongoing investigations.

As NBC News reports, Trump took to Twitter Monday morning to address the public perception that his White House is falling apart.

Trump’s tweet doesn’t line up with the facts, says Chicago Tribune writer Paul Waldman.

Bringing On New Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci

Scaramucci, says Waldman, has no experience in politics or public relations. In fact, about all he brings to the table is an “over-the-top love” for Trump and a shared fondness for bluster at the expense of facts.

“Scaramucci was hired because President Trump saw him on cable TV, and he is indeed a perfect creature of that medium: not well-informed, but absolutely confident in everything he says.”

Already, Scaramucci has developed a reputation for speaking his mind — or what Waldman calls “absolutely shocking” candor. For example, there’s his famed reference to White House adviser Steve Bannon and his supposed fondness for performing sex acts on himself.

What’s more, he believed that Reince Priebus was behind White House leaks and promised to get rid of him.

Priebus Is Out, John Kelly Is In

Sure enough, Priebus is now out the door, having resigned, or been forced out, depending on whom you ask.

Kelly, a former Marine, is expected to bring something approaching order to the White House. However, as CNBC notes, that all depends almost entirely on how much power his boss will give him.

“Kelly’s success in a chaotic White House will depend on how much authority he is granted and whether Trump’s dueling aides will put aside their rivalries to work together. Also unclear is whether a new chief of staff will have any influence over the president’s social media histrionics.”

A Stalled Legislative Agenda, Open War With Attorney General, Ongoing Investigations

In addition to shuffling staff members around, Trump is reeling from the defeat of one of his signature pieces of legislation, the effort to “repeal & replace Obamacare.” Even as efforts to move forward with his own health care policy are all but dead, Trump is still trying to kill the program, this time targeting “bailouts” (that is, subsidies) that allow millions of Americans to have affordable health care.

Meanwhile, his proposed border wall with Mexico is going nowhere, and his promised investment in infrastructure improvements has failed to materialize.

Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, still has his job — for now — even as Trump continues to be angry at him for recusing himself from Russia investigations.

If that isn’t enough, Trump may yet be undone by one of the many investigations against him. As Roll Call reported last week, in addition to federal probes of Trump’s finances and possible ties to Russia, a variety of state and local investigations against him are also ongoing.

In other words, Mr. President, your White House is most certainly in chaos, your blustery tweets notwithstanding.

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]