Anthony Scaramucci Spews Potty-Mouth Rant — Masses Appalled, How About Trump? [Opinion]

Anthony Scaramucci is making no apologies for what he said to the New Yorker Magazine when he called them yesterday to offer a venting interview, according to Fox News live on Friday afternoon. Scaramucci has come in like a lion and many believe he is one more player in the Trump administration who thrives on chaos. That might be a bit harsh to say while he is so new in the game and it is also going to depend upon what your idea of chaos might be.

Many believe Scaramucci is shaking things up in the White House in order to tighten up the administration and stop the leaks. As of Friday afternoon, General John F. Kelly is the new Chief of Staff, meaning Reince Priebus is gone. Fox News wonders if Scaramucci might have something to do with this expedited move. According to Fox News live, Trump likes a fighter, he doesn’t want people on his staff who will back down.

Donald Trump tweeted his news this afternoon about his new Chief of Staff. While Trump has not said a word publicly about the reports of Scaramucci’s rather vulgar interview, some believe Scaramucci’s salty language wasn’t a problem for Trump, suggests Fox. It is not known how Trump feels about Scaramucci’s seemingly targeting Priebus, but Trump’s decision today may offer some indication.

Scaramucci is making headline news today for a vulgarity-laced telephone call with a writer over at the New Yorker Magazine, according to the New York Times. Like a hunter, Scaramucci had two in his scopes who dwell in the Trump administration, Reince Priebus and Stephen Bannon.

Both these men were opposed to Trump bringing on Scarmucci and they had Sean Spicer on their side, who resigned because Scaramucci has now joined the team. Spicer believed that Scaramucci would just “add more chaos to the team,” according to the Times.

During Scaramucci’s phone call with the writer from the New Yorker, Scaramucci, “vowed to get the chief of staff fired,” reported the Times. It looks as if he might have succeeded in doing so.With all this hoopla going on in the White House, some have started to refer to the chaos as “Survivor White House,” according to the New York Post, as seen below.


In the aftermath of this interview where the new White House Communications Director allegedly turned potty-mouth, Scaramucci blames Ryan Lizza. He is the reporter over at the New Yorker who spoke with Scaramucci. Today, Scaramucci refuses to apologize and conveys that he is new to Washington and he’s learned his lesson about talking to a reporter, according to Fox News. You can see his tweet below.


The phone call that Scaramucci placed to Lizzi was for the new White House Communications Director to find out who leaked the information to him that Scaramucci was having dinner on Wednesday night with Trump, Sean Hannity, and Bill Shine. Lizza said Scaramucci demanded, “Who leaked that to you?” Then Scaramucci himself suggested it was Priebus. Once he did not get an answer, the communications director threatened to fire everyone, according to Lizza. Scaramucci is quoted as saying,

“OK, I’m going to fire every one of them, and then you ­haven’t protected anybody, so the entire place will be fired over the next two weeks. I ask these guys not to leak anything and they can’t help themselves.”


Referring to himself in the third person he said, “OK, ‘The Mooch’ showed up a week ago. This is going to get cleaned up very shortly, OK?” During the conversation, the words he used were less than stellar, according to Lizzie. He used some rather vulgar words during his attempt to find out the name of the person who told him about the dinner he said,

“I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own c- -k. I’m not trying to build my own brand off the f- -king strength of the president. I’m here to serve the country.” He then said he wanted to “f- -king kill all the leakers.”

The social media sites lit up with reactions to the reports of Scaramucci’s language. Many were shocked over his use of these vulgar words. Then there are some who felt that he wasn’t talking to an audience, it was two guys having a conversation, so it wasn’t something people should get upset over. Still, others are cheering Scaramucci on for calling it like he sees it. Trump wants to stop the White House leaks and apparently, he felt Scaramucci is the man to do it. What the masses saw was Scaramucci come out fighting.

Donald Trump has not said a word about Scaramucci’s alleged rant, he has announced Friday afternoon that General John Kelly is the new Chief of Staff, which means Reince Priebus is out. According to Fox News, John Kelly, who is a four-star general, is known as a no-nonsense man. Update: Fox News reports that Reince Priebus “secretly resigned” yesterday.

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