Leaks Indicate Ted Cruz May Be Attorney General Soon [Opinion]

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump may be strange bedfellows since their blistering exchanges during the 2016 primary presidential cycle, but that does not mean the president will not replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions with one of his “frenemies” soon. New reports coming out from The Hill indicate that Ted Cruz is on the shortlist for Attorney General should Trump fire Sessions and replace him during a congressional recess.

So the first thing to consider here is just how serious Donald Trump was when he accused Ted Cruz’s father of having ties to Lee Harvey Oswald back when the killer assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Because if that were something that he really believed in, then it does seem really odd that he would be willing to appoint such a controversial candidate (although twice removed from the incident) to the office of Attorney General.

Since the general public does not believe, nor do they think that Donald Trump believes, that Ted Cruz’s father had any affiliations or implications that could have connected him to the Kennedy assassination, it does seem like that whole accusation has blown over. So the next step would be getting Ted Cruz confirmed into office over at the Justice Department. Sounds difficult, right?

Wrong. A simple recess appointment, according to The Washington Post, could essentially eradicate that process and make it easy as pie. In the end, it would be Ted Cruz who would have the mojo necessary to fire special investigator Robert Mueller and take back over the investigation into the Russian ties to the Trump campaign.

Now this is where it could get really interesting. If Donald Trump and Ted Cruz made nice in some back-room somewhere and settled their differences, then it is altogether possible that Trump would have special plans for Cruz to help him make the Russia investigation go away.

So if Ted Cruz gets the recess appointment to Attorney General and takes over for Jeff Sessions, if his first order of business were not to fire Robert Mueller, then Trump would know right away that Cruz had no intention of being loyal to him and could also take the extraordinary step of firing him soon after, which could essentially put the Justice Department in turmoil.

But if he does not fire Ted Cruz after that “day one” mishap, then Cruz could pave the way for making sure that all ties Donald Trump has to Russia (if any) are uncovered and disseminated in an expedited fashion.

Needless to say, this could get interesting.

[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]