Johnny Depp Lives Like Brad Pitt, And Why Shouldn’t He? Depp Calls TMG Statements ‘Irrelevant’ [Opinion]

Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt live nearly identical lifestyles, at least in regard to their career and standard of living. They are both famous and highly-paid actors, and both also produce movies. In addition, they both share several of the same hobbies and interests.

Brad Pitt collects art and antiques. Pitt and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, spent millions on art, antiques, and collectibles, and so has Johnny Depp. Johnny invests in expensive wine, and Brad Pitt set up a winery to make his own brand of wine and olive oil. Maybe it’s all part of living in Southern France?

Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp also take huge financial risks on films they make according, to the Inquisitr. Brad and Johnny have to cover the expenses related to movie making. They have to maintain a payroll for employees, including bodyguards and other security, as well as hire actors, directors, and production crews.

Yet TMG has, according to Johnny Depp, “raised confidential matters” which are “irrelevant and improper” to disclose, namely his personal and business expenses in order to “viciously attack” the actor publicly. Johnny was quoted in the Daily Mail, from court documents.

Johnny Depp’s spending, despite being very similar to Brad Pitt’s, has been treated in a way that could be considered an “attack.” Further, TMG has stated that their former client has a “compulsive spending disorder,” suggesting that the star is “mentally ill.”

TMG has allegedly presented Johnny Depp’s private business to the public, as well as the courts, in a very unflattering, prejudicial way. Further, most of the information disclosed, in itself, has been largely public knowledge and the idea that it is extravagant is pretty naive, considering Mr. Depp’s income and profession.

During the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce, similar information was leaked about Brad and Angelina’s finances, but it was not treated the same way in the press. Perhaps that is because TMG also presented the idea that Johnny Depp is broke, which has not been confirmed. TMG would have no knowledge of the star’s current financial status since they are no longer handling his money.

Johnny Depp has been accused, in court no less, of having a “compulsive spending disorder,” according to the Daily Mail. Depp has demanded that 100 paragraphs of “irrelevant” allegations made by TMG be stricken from the record in the $25 million lawsuit against his former business management company.

Johnny Depp calls the slanted release of information “inflammatory material,” after a judge declared this information irrelevant to the case. Why else would TMG present “irrelevant” information in the case, other than for a reaction from the press and public? Mr. Depp explained recently that he obviously has a right to spend his money as he sees fit.

Johnny Depp owns 14 homes, but it isn’t all that unusual for someone with his financial resources. While TMG stated this information in a way that made Johnny’s investment sound excessive, Brad Pitt has a strikingly similar real estate portfolio. Brad Pitt owned about a dozen homes prior to his divorce.

Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are Hollywood icons
Brad Pitt is a Hollywood icon [Image by Tim P. Whitby/AP Images

Brad Pitt owns the castle-like structure called Chateau Miraval. Johnny Depp purchased a historic village in Southern France. Both could be classified as French villas in wine country, but Johnny’s arguably looks less pretentious than Brad Pitt’s.

Johnny Depp owns five homes with adjoining lots in the Hollywood Hills. Brad Pitt also owns five homes with adjoining lots in the Hollywood Hills, according to Forbes. So, both Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt created compounds consisting of five homes each in the Hollywood Hills.

Johnny Depp has invested millions in art, antiques, and collectibles. Brad Pitt also invests in art on approximately the same level.

Brad Pitt spent $33 million on antique furniture in an hour, according to Radar Online. That kind of makes the sensationalized story in the Daily Mail about Depp purchasing a used sofa from the Kardashian family for $7,000 sound like a yard sale purchase bought with pocket money. The sofa was previously used on the set of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Johnny Depp of Hollywood Vampires attends party in London
Johnny Depp of Hollywood Vampires attends party in London [Image by KGC-49-182/STAR MAX/AP Images]

Like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, most successful Hollywood stars, whether in music or acting, own numerous multi-million dollar homes throughout the world. They own multiple vehicles, they use private jets, and they invest in art, fine wines, antiques, and collectibles.

Like other movie producers, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have business related expenses from payroll, to set construction expenses. Like Brad Pitt, the Jack Sparrow actor also has to entertain guests who are accustomed to the very best of everything.

If Johnny Depp has a compulsive spending disorder, then so do most Hollywood stars and others with similar financial resources, and that definitely includes Brad Pitt. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor maintains that suggesting that he has a mental disorder is “irrelevant” and “inflammatory,” and so is airing his spending habits.

Johnny Depp has accused TMG of taking out loans in his name without his consent, loaning out millions of dollars of the actor’s money without his authorization, and failing to pay Depp’s property taxes resulting in millions in fines. Depp filed a lawsuit against TMG for $25 million in an attempt to recoup his losses. TMG responded by releasing Johnny’s private financial information.


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Why is Johnny Depp’s spending considered outlandish, while Brad Pitt’s spending is so rarely questioned?

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