‘Criminal Minds’ Is Gearing Up For Season 13, So Is #NoHotchNoWatch’s Thomas Gibson Protest [Opinion]

The Criminal Minds cast and crew are getting ready for Season 13. Kirsten Vangsness posted a photo of some cast members on the set on July 11, signaling that filming has already begun on the CBS crime drama.

Thomas Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch are gearing up as well. Twitterfest meetings have been rescheduled to 10 p.m. on Wednesday to match the new time slot for Criminal Minds. Last season, the group met at 9 p.m. on Wednesday nights.

Now that Criminal Minds has a later time slot, #NoHotchNoWatch will have their Twitterfest at 10 p.m. Still, the #NoHotchNoWatch movement is about much more than simply not watching Criminal Minds on CBS.

Any many already know, #NoHotchNoWatch is a worldwide movement, with Thomas Gibson fans from other nations as well as the United States, many of whom watched Criminal Minds through ABC’s marketing of the show internationally.

The #NoHotchNoWatch hashtag is a smart, well-organized campaign with regular meetings and strong leadership. The effort is designed to either bring back Thomas Gibson or at least encourage ABC and CBS to formally apologize and clear Thomas Gibson’s name.

Criminal Minds will not be singled out quite so much this year. #NoHotchNoWatch is refusing to watch a lot more of the shows they used to watch.

Many Thomas Gibson fans in the #NoHotchNoWatch group now say they will boycott ABC and CBS entirely, not just for the Criminal Minds time slot. After all, it alleged that it was CBS and ABC who decided to fire Thomas Gibson. It is reportedly those two networks who remain stubborn about bringing Gibson back.

The Criminal Minds boycott by #NoHotchNoWatch has expanded to include both major networks. Combined with other boycotts and protests, the impact of Thomas Gibson’s fans could make an impact on network giants CBS and ABC.

Tim Allen’s show, Last Man Standing, was inexplicably canceled despite being a one of a kind show that was suitable for family viewing. Last Man Standing boasted 8.1 million weekly viewers. Some of those viewers intend to boycott ABC.

Paget Brewster has a new interview with TV Line on YouTube explaining how she feels about Thomas Gibson and the revolving door-style casting that has plagued Criminal Minds. See her comments in the video below.

Thomas Gibson’s firing from Criminal Minds turned out to be Paget Brewster’s gain, but Padget told TV Line she had no choice in the termination of Thomas Gibson. Padget brings up the point that when a fellow employee is fired at any workplace, there is little if anything that co-workers can do to change that.

Paget Brewster indicated there is nothing the Criminal Minds cast and crew can do about the firing of Thomas Gibson. There was nothing the others could do when Brewster and Cook were fired either.

Criminal Minds fired Paget Brewster and A.J. Cook years ago, as Paget mentions in the video above. Fans protested and signed petitions until the ladies were brought back. Considering that CBS caved in to pressure back then, why shouldn’t #NoHotchNoWatch keep trying to bring back Thomas Gibson?

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Paget Brewster was quoted by Cinema Blend discussing her own termination from Criminal Minds and how it became temporary.

“So now A.J.’s gone, I’m training Rachel Nichols to replace me and A.J., I died, and then I shot a pilot that didn’t go… and then it was announced that I was returning to Criminal Minds! And I called my agents, and I said, ‘I’m not! What do they mean I’m returning to Criminal Minds?’ And they said, ‘Well, they added another year to your contract for you to get those 17 episodes.”

Paget Brewster of Criminal Minds is quoted as saying that she “hated CBS” and that their behavior was “just scummy.”

“And I couldn’t understand that. So I was forced to go back or… terrifying things were inferred. And I was kind of p**sed, but then I went back and thought, ‘I love everyone there!’ I hated CBS. [What they did] was just scummy.”

The Criminal Minds cast and crew do not make personnel decisions; those are made by CBS and ABC. That is one of the reasons why #NoHotchNoWatch is broadening their boycotts and protests to include all ABC and CBS programming. The #NoHotchNoWatch hashtag represents an official complaint by viewers aimed at what they allege is the unfair firing of Thomas Gibson from Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds lost 22.45 percent of the prime demographic audience and 17.15 percent of their total viewing audience last season, according to TV Series Finale. That figure reflects the average viewership of all the episodes. It seems that alone should be enough to send a message to CBS.

Those who support the #NoHotchNoWatch campaign are angry that Thomas Gibson was not only fired from Criminal Minds, but his reputation may have also been tarnished by the incident. Supporters allege that Thomas Gibson’s good name was smeared in the media. They allege that CBS and ABC sensationalized his termination in the press, including the news on CBS and ABC.

A new petition is circulating for this season to bring back Thomas Gibson to Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds hired several actors following the departure of Shemar Moore and the termination of Thomas Gibson. There has also been increased turnover in recent years.

Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds
Thomas Gibson Before Criminal Minds [Image by J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images]

Damien Gupton was the most recent one through the revolving door that is Criminal Minds’ casting, but Gupton has landed on his feet in a new superhero series called Black Lightning on The CW, according to Comic Book Movie. Similarly, Shemar Moore now has a starring role in S.W.A.T. after leaving Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds actors have quit in the past, and others have not made it through contract negotiations. The termination of A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster was a different matter, but more different still was the very public treatment of Thomas Gibson’s termination in the media.


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Criminal Minds, ABC, and CBS are now being boycotted by #NoHotchNoWatch until Thomas Gibson is vindicated.

[Featured Image by Christian Alminana/AP Images]