So, Who’s Ready To See Ariel Winter’s New Tattoo? ‘Modern Family’ Star Teases New Derriere Ink [Opinion]

It’s not like it’s a “tramp stamp,” (is that still a thing?), but some on social media are not warming up to Ariel Winter’s new butt tattoo. It’s less about where the new ink is located on Ariel — like the Modern Family star’s other tattoos — than what the meaning signifies.

Ariel Winter, 19, gave fans on Snapchat an eyeful on Sunday when she uploaded a partial image of her butt that revealed another tattoo. In the pantless picture, Ariel (we assume it’s her; her face isn’t shown in the snap) lies on her side and reveals a short inscription.

“Love risks everything and asks for nothing,” Winter captioned the grainy tattoo image, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Ariel Winter and Levi Meaden are rarely apart in public. She and her boyfriend took their relationship to the next level by getting matching tattoos recently. Meaden is an actor who has TV credits with The 100, Aftermath, and The Killing.

Levi is 10-years-older than Ariel, but that actually seems to work in the couple’s favor; he’s had more time to learn how to channel his inner-Gordon Ramsay. Ariel gushed about her sweetie pie back in May when she appeared on a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“My boyfriend and I live together. He cooks — I can’t cook at all. He takes care of all that handy stuff. He’s great. I can bake a pie occasionally. I’m horrible at all that [domestic] stuff. I’m the worst wifely person.”

Ariel Winter is often the target of body shaming from fans on social media sites over her bootylicious image sharing. The screen and voice actress has starred as Alex Dunphy in the ABC sitcom for eight seasons since its inception in 2009.

Over the years, Winter, who plays a “characteristically” nerdy and a precocious teenager on Modern Family, has blossomed — off-camera — into somewhat of a sex symbol among Hollywood women. She often pushes the envelope in fashion by wearing barely there clothing that bears loads of skin — namely, her bum and cleavage. She also has multiple tattoo art on her body with various meanings.

While her choices in digs are not what Selena Gomez would wear, per se, Ariel’s sex appeal is what defines her and sets her apart from others in a sense. Ariel exudes body positivity, and she appears to be comfortable in the skin she’s in — even if it comes at the expense of splitting fans.

Ariel admits to receiving hate-fueled comments, but she reasons it’s best to look past the negativity and express self-love wherever possible. Some anti-fans have gone as far as calling her a degradable expletive, based on the TMZ post below.

Ironically (to the outside-looking-in among us), it’s unthinkable that one of her “haters” happens to be her own flesh and blood: her mother.

Recently, Chrystal Workman blasted her daughter for being too raunchy and exposing too much skin. In her opinion, Ariel doesn’t need to go there with revealing attire, but she does it “even when it’s not necessary.”

In response to Ariel’s recent posts on Instagram where she posed suggestively in her usual choices of “skimpy” clothing, her mom took to a tabloid and chimed in with others on social media.

Workman wants Ariel to “dress properly” and “grow up.” Ariel and her mom are not on cordial terms; their relationship has been strained over the years. Winter shot back at her mom over the abrasive remarks and called her a “toxic liar.” I have a sneaking suspicion that Ariel will continue posting risque images.

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Does Ariel Winters’ butt tattoo surprise you? Does it rock or miss the mark? Is there a hidden meaning to the new ink?

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